Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Best Meal Ever!!!

I love breakfast! Its the best meal of the day and if it were up to me that is all we would eat. I love to make breakfast for dinner. For memorial day we took the girls to the "Silver Bell". If your a Weber u know what resteraunt this is. For all of u who dont know its Golden Coral.

Our good friends the Kembles went to. It was fun.

Here is Aleah and Kaite the two trouble makers. When they get together "watch out"!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Broccoli and wild rice soup.....So YummY!!!

Ok so this soup is souper (super, get it?) easy. I make it and my kids seriously scarf it down and eat it willingly for leftovers the next night. If theres any left. I ussually double the recipe. This is great to make if u have any leftover chicken. I will not double this so this is a just the regular recipe.

5 cups Water

1 box broccoli and Chicken rice (like rice a roni style)

1/4 c. onion (I use onion flakes cause I hate to chop them)

3-4 Chix breast cooked and diced

1 can cream of chix soup

1 pkg frozen broccoli (u can use fresh u just need to steam it a little before. I use the broccoli normandy because we like the carrots and cauliflower)

1 pkg cream cheese

Fill your soup pot with the water and box of rice (and the seasoning packet). Bring to a boil reduce heat and simmer 10 min. Add onion, diced chicken, cream of chix soup. Bring to a boil. Reduce to medium heat add veggies and cream cheese (I cut into chunks and add, it takes less time to melt this way). Heat veggies and cream cheese till melted. Serve with biscuts or rolls. ITs sooooooooo yummy.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ready, set, go!! Or run and wave at your friends...

This is Lizzie getting ready to run the 100 meter. She was in heat 20 lane #5. There were lots of kids that ran. She did ok, I think that she is more into academics than sports. When u sprint u are supposed to go "AS FAST AS U CAN". She ran and looked for her friends in the bleachers.
Good try though.

Good start!!

Practicing her stance for the softball throw.

Hanging out with friends!


I woke up the other morning to go running and the sun was coming up. It was nice to sit and watch. It ended up being a really nice day. A nice treat after the cold winter.

Gardening Fun

We really enjoy gardening and yard work. I really dont have a green thumb and alot of times my plants die; however Jason is pretty good at gardening and so I am getting better. We wanted to plant a few things this year to see how they do. I know that tomatoes do well and so above u can see our tomatoe cages. Above them are red and green bell peppers.

I really wanted to plant Blackberries but couldnt find any starters. So we did rasberries instead. I hope these take off because we love to make jam. i could go and get some starters for blackberries down by the river but I want to see how these do. They need lots of water to flourish.

Addason had so much fun helping us plant. He got more dirt on him than the plants. Love his little smile.

We also planted some strawberries, zuccini, squash and sugar snap peas. Oh and an herb garden but I didnt get any pics.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Look out Indiana Jones here comes Jason...

We had a tree branch that was growing in towards the house and so Jason got out his Machete (translation; Big Knife) and cut off the offending branch.

He got this Knife from his dad.

He looks so happy!!!
(Sorry babe but I just had to do a post on u acting like Indiana Jones!!!)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why wont u sing with me???

So this morning at I found Aleah outside it was like 8:45am. She had decided to go out on the front porch and sing. (A few months ago Lizzie and some friends were out there with the boom box sining at the top of their lungs. A few cars slowed and yelled out "You Rock". She wanted the same response.)
This is what Aleah sang.....

"Why wont u sing with me, your in my house?" "So what your in my heart."
"Why wont u sing with me, so what why wont u kiss me?" "Why wont u sing with my beautiful cat?"
"Your in my heart oh yes your in my Heart!" (Hold the heart for like 30 sec)

Monday, May 12, 2008

My Mothers Day....

Ok so here is a rundown of my Mothers Day.
We slept late on Sunday and was late for church. (I know, but I still had some lingering effects from the flu and wasnt moving very fast). We taught the lesson for our 12 year olds and came home. I went back to bed for a nap. Annika came in with some leftover pizza that she heated up for me. I wasnt very hungry but ate it anyways. I read for a bit then fell asleep. Woke up to the sounds of Indiana Jones on TV. Got up and decided to make my Mothers Day Dinner. I wanted cube steak and ranch potatoes, etc. I find out that Jason forgot to stop at the store for milk and potatoes the night before and so we ended up having BBW steak with salad, bread, hotdogs, chili, and corn chips. Weird but ok. After that I went to a friends house to watch survivor. All in all not a bad day.

This is from Alexia. I hope I can keep it alive longer than a week. I dont have a green thumb at all.

From left to right. Annika, Aleah and Alizebeth all made be cards/books.

At church Anni made this cute card. It has pockets and all of this was inside it. The pics are on here backwards, this one should be at the end.

My foot is not dirty really! Thats my Vitaligo. I will do a post on that in the future.

This is the book with all the stuff inside.

Addi didnt want to make the handprints, they said he kept his hands clenched closed. He got the ink all over himself. He seems pretty proud of this picture now though.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Aleah's Picture

This is me walking our cat. I told Aleah that cats don't need to be walked like dogs and she said "Well maybe they would like it if we did, Huh?"

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Macaroni Grill's warm Chocolate cake

So this cake is really yummy. I tried to make it and it was good. I didnt really like the cake but I did like the choc glaze frosting. So my suggestion would be to make your Favorite cake and make the glaze for the frosting. It would be so yummy on ice cream or for strawberries.
All u need for the glaze is on carton of whipping cream and 8 Oz. of bakers choc (I used semi sweet choc chips becuase i didnt have any) Bakers choc makes it more of a bitter sweet taste. Bring the cream to a simmer add the chocolate and let it sit for 5 min. Whip it all togther and serve. Reheat of u have leftovers in microwave or on the stove top.
Anyways try it and tell me what u think. U definatly need some sort of whip cream or ice cream because its so rich and yummy.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Annika's Track Meet

The schools here have a track meet every year. Its called the Hershey's track meet. Its a big deal. The kids all compete against other schools in the district and then if they do well they get to go to state. So for the next three weeks I get to go to these on Tuesdays. Its an all day thing and very hot outside and so it is draining. Today was Annika's.

This is Anni waiting with the other all the other kids to run the 400 (thats one lap around).

This is her coming to the finish line. She got fourth in her heat.

This was the wait for the 50 yard dash. Lots of kids. Anni was in heat #28. She got third in her heat.

Can u find her? I didnt get pix of her running cause I was doing taping it at the same time. Anni did well, she didnt qualify to go to state but she did really well. Her teacher told her that she has Wheels for feet. She thought that was neat. I can see alot of running in her future, because she liked it so much.


Monday, May 5, 2008

The best birthday ever!!

Kimbalyah turns 34!!!!
My very good friend Kara got me the big halloween platter. Its a called a pizzza platter and its a fiesta one. Its cool. I didnt know that they made halloween stuff. Awsome.

I had a fun birthday. It was almost like a birthday week. We took the kids out on Thursday night and came home and watched survivor, the office and lost. Good night to have my birthday fall on. All my favorite shows were on. I have some amazing friends and family that got me gifts here are a few pics of the presents I got. Above is tickets for me, Jamie and Warren to go see Seinfeld live in June. I am a huge fan and have wanted to see him in concert for a long time. That was from Jason. Its gonna be great.. Front row orchestra, Sweeeeeeet!!!

This is a black fiesta pitcher that I got from my good friend Jo. I dont have any black fiesta so that was very cool!!!

This is the best present. I have wanted a BBQ forever and so James and Mel, Warren, Jason and my friend Phena all chipped in to get this. Its a win win for all because we wil be having BBQ's at my house all summer long, Thanks guys!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Any Ideas?

Ok so I was taking a shower and went to use the soap.. Any Ideas as to how this happened?