Monday, May 5, 2008

The best birthday ever!!

Kimbalyah turns 34!!!!
My very good friend Kara got me the big halloween platter. Its a called a pizzza platter and its a fiesta one. Its cool. I didnt know that they made halloween stuff. Awsome.

I had a fun birthday. It was almost like a birthday week. We took the kids out on Thursday night and came home and watched survivor, the office and lost. Good night to have my birthday fall on. All my favorite shows were on. I have some amazing friends and family that got me gifts here are a few pics of the presents I got. Above is tickets for me, Jamie and Warren to go see Seinfeld live in June. I am a huge fan and have wanted to see him in concert for a long time. That was from Jason. Its gonna be great.. Front row orchestra, Sweeeeeeet!!!

This is a black fiesta pitcher that I got from my good friend Jo. I dont have any black fiesta so that was very cool!!!

This is the best present. I have wanted a BBQ forever and so James and Mel, Warren, Jason and my friend Phena all chipped in to get this. Its a win win for all because we wil be having BBQ's at my house all summer long, Thanks guys!!!


courtney said...

I'm glad you had an awsome birthday! Cool presents!

sharon c... that's me said...

wow, sweet gifts! i love the fiesta pitcher! what a great day!

shaina said...

Nice gifts! Just you wait until mine gets there.

Queen of Chaos said...


Warren said he's so excited to go see Seinfield, too. :)

jenn said...


Wow, you sure got spoiled. I am so glad that it was such a fabulous one for you. I am so green with envy that you get to see Seinfeld! Ugh, he and Cosby are to only ones i would pay good money to see.

Shavonne said...

Great presents Kim! Wish I could be there to eat up some of your BBQ-ing! And love the fiesta dishes!