Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lexi and Anni go on a college trip!

So these pictures are way out of order, but oh well. Jason had the opportunity to take a group of BYU students on a trip to the Grand Canyon. Him and a couple of other professors got a grant and the cost was very minimal for the students. Jason asked if he could bring a couple of the kids and Lexi and Anni were the lucky ones that got to go. The idea was to paint, draw, photograph and generally take in the sights and then have a group show later on to show what all the students did. The show will go up in July at the BYU student Gallery and then we can all enjoy what others did.

This was a pet cemetery, Jason said it was HUGE! I have never seen one so its cool that he got a picture.

A beautiful shot the the North Rim of the Grand Canyon!

The girls kicking back and enjoying the sun and view.

This was a chair in the Maynard Dixon studio that the girls didn't like. It was made of cow. The fur is the covering and the horns are the chairs handles, they thought it was GROSS!

This was a sheer rock drop off. It was good I wasn't there or the girls would never have been able to even get close. I hate sharp drops like this....can anyone say Niagara falls? Hey Ma no hands? There is no Super Man here to save you!

This bowl was created by the wind that goes through this area. Its so cool right?

Ok so really a backwards picture, the group stayed by the Coral Pink sand dunes and it was super windy. They had sand every where. This is the kids climbing back up after running and jumping off. They had a blast!

Get ready get set, go!

Maynard Dixon studio.

Sand dunes again

They made lots of stops along the way to paint and draw different areas

My kids favorite past time.....collecting cool rocks!

Pit stop in Cedar City to eat and stretch.

This picture of Anni is cracking me up...can anyone say CRAZY EYES?

This is a super creepy lady!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lexi's 6th grade graduation

I have never attended a 6th grade graduation before, but we went to Alexia's this last week. Our middle school here is 7-9 and so I wonder if there will be a 9th grade graduation? Well we had fun, they had a slide show of trips they went on throughout the school year and then one at then end where they showed a baby picture and then their class picture after. I think Lexi was the cutest!
In this picture she just got her diploma and is telling us what her favorite things were about 6th grade.

They have a cute bench right as you walk in the school where I was able to get his family shot. We had alot of people staring at us because you have to walk past it to get outside. However there was no one around when we decided to get a quick shot.

What a hottie!

Lexi with a couple of her bestest friends.

Alexia and Mr Murray her teacher.
Now I have two kids in the Jr high! One in 7th and one in 9th.....yikes!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mothers Day!

I had a great Mothers Day! Addi had a talk in church and Jay asked him what he wanted to say and this is what he said to Jason. I hope you can read it, if not leave a comment and I will translate it better.

This is what is says......

Jesus gave me my mom.

I am so much happy to have my mom.

I spend a lot of time alone with mom when sisters go to school and dad goes to work.

Mom works with me on writing letters, learning shapes and colors. She teaches me to be patient and to be a servant or a gentleman by opening doors, pulling out seats, and fixing curtains.

I am happy when she lets me use her tape and band aids.

I like to give mom pictures I draw.

My mom loves me.

I love her and tell her everyday.

I am happy that Jesus gave me the best mom.

On a side note, he wouldn't read it at all. He went all limp when it was time and hid his face in Jason's chest. He was a little shy and it was ok, Jason read it for him and it was great!

I wanted to take some pics of the kids together, here they are! I love being their mom!

Gotta have a silly shot!

Me and my fabulous kiddos!

Annika is actually bigger than Lexi, although alot of people are bigger than Lex. She is very small for her age. Anni is almost 11 and Lex was 12 in Dec.

Love it!
Happy Moms day to all my sisters and Moms!
Love u!

Its been FOREVER I know!

Sorry all you fans out there! Its been a long time, I know! Here are some highlights from the past few months. We have been super busy and are getting more and more excited for school to be out in a few weeks. We have a busy summer ahead of us! We are excited to see all of our family in a few weeks and hope to share some fun memories! Enjoy these memories of ours!

This was one of our rare sunny days the last month and Aleah just had to go outside, even though it was still cold out.

No matter what I tried I couldn't get this picture to show right side up....grrrr! Anyways this is a piece that Jay finished and I love it! BOBS BIG BOY ROCKS!

The same with this picture? Weird. Anyways just Lexi with Pearl and Raskel. They have gotten super big since Christmas. We love our Kitties!

Easter morning. It was nice to wake up and have a relaxing morning listening to conference and enjoying our family.

Just the kids.

It was Annika's turn for the annual Wax museum project at the school. She was Mary Cassatt a famous (American) impressionist painter. She is actually the only female impressionist painter that is American. (this was a Jason pick, and it was a good one since we had all the props!)

Another sideways shot, sorry!

The kids love to play with chalk in the road. This picture says...Lizzie,Lexi, Anni, Leah and Addi Rock the world! I like this pic of Addi with his shadow and head turn.

Kids were building Lego and building block villages, they made some pretty cool ones!

Thanks for sharing these with us!