Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mothers Day!

I had a great Mothers Day! Addi had a talk in church and Jay asked him what he wanted to say and this is what he said to Jason. I hope you can read it, if not leave a comment and I will translate it better.

This is what is says......

Jesus gave me my mom.

I am so much happy to have my mom.

I spend a lot of time alone with mom when sisters go to school and dad goes to work.

Mom works with me on writing letters, learning shapes and colors. She teaches me to be patient and to be a servant or a gentleman by opening doors, pulling out seats, and fixing curtains.

I am happy when she lets me use her tape and band aids.

I like to give mom pictures I draw.

My mom loves me.

I love her and tell her everyday.

I am happy that Jesus gave me the best mom.

On a side note, he wouldn't read it at all. He went all limp when it was time and hid his face in Jason's chest. He was a little shy and it was ok, Jason read it for him and it was great!

I wanted to take some pics of the kids together, here they are! I love being their mom!

Gotta have a silly shot!

Me and my fabulous kiddos!

Annika is actually bigger than Lexi, although alot of people are bigger than Lex. She is very small for her age. Anni is almost 11 and Lex was 12 in Dec.

Love it!
Happy Moms day to all my sisters and Moms!
Love u!


shaina said...

that's really so sweet, what Adi said. Good for him.
Love the pictures of the girls, and of you with the girls. Happy Mother's Day!

Shavonne said...

Cute pictures! Its nice being able to get a catch-up picture of the kids, they've changed so much! I love Lexie's cute short hair

Kyle Kemble said...

You guys look great and the kids have grown so much. I miss you! Katey says: the 3 lizzies look very pretty.

courtney said...

I'm afraid that my kids wouldn't say such nice things, especially lately, I have been a major grouch! I hope to be much nicer once I can walk, and sleep, and eat normally again.

I think all the hair cuts are really nice but I especially like Annie's all short!

Queen of Chaos said...

I love it when I read nice things that my kids say about me.

This talk is so sweet! Keep it forever. :)

Tucker did the same thing when we spoke in sacrement...he just buckled up in front of the crowd and wouldn't say a word. Oh well.