Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Year Gone!!!

Its been 14 years!
I had Lizzie take our picture before we left for dinner...It came out fuzzy; however you get the general idea!

For some reason whenever we do a "silly" picture Jason feels the need to lick me. I was trying to keep him from licking me by biting his forehead!

The girls didn't know it was our anniversary until we were leaving for dinner. When we got home they had made us some cards. This is the front of Annika's.

This was the inside. I asked her why didn't she color the hearts inside and she said it was because she was so tired from coloring the outside.

This is Lexi's card.. This was us before we left for dinner.

This was us when we got married. Notice I am saying "I DO!" as I throw my bouquet.. I have to say we look pretty snazzy in our wedding duds!