Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My littlest sister is married! Nancy got married in the Idaho Falls Temple this last weekend, and the whole family was there to share in this wonderful day. Here are a few pics to highlight our weekend.

                         Gotta have a silly one, you cant see annika she is being squished!

                               Grandpa Weber with the older girls, Lizzie, Lexi and Annika

                                  Grandma Weber Seeing if we are ready for Nan and Treavor

                                                                    Me and my sister Beks!

                                                                 The Happy Couple!

                                                  These next few pictures are my favorites!

                          Welcome to the family Treavor, better stay on your toes around us!

                              Jason with Addason, are they not so handsome together?

 Grandma and Grandma Weber with all 28 grand kids and lets not forget the one on the way...Yay shavonne and Derick!

                                                 Me with sisters Corks and Na (BFF)!

                                           Just the originals, all 10 kids with mom and dad!

                                Just the 10 of us in order from youngest to oldest

                    Nancy, Ian, Sharon, Beks, Corks, Shavonne, Shaina, Kim, Jamie, Warren

In front of the temple

Our Eternal  Family! I cant wait till July for our next reunion!
Love you all!