Monday, March 31, 2008

A discussion with Aleah....

So I was driving in the car with Aleah this morning, we were going to Sam's Club to get soap and other things that we needed for the house. I ussually do this once a month. When we go we get to stop at Burger King and get breakfast. Addi likes the french toast sticks and Aleah wanted the Ham and egg croisant. She was eating her food and didnt finish all of her sandwich but she wanted some of Addi's sticks. This is our conversation......

"Mom can I have some of Addi's food?"
"U need to eat yours all gone and then if u are still hungry u can".
"I can't finish mine, my tummies all full up."
"Well then I guess u are to full to eat some of Addi's then".
"Wait mom let me burp."
"What? Why are you doing that?"
"To make more room for food".
"Where did u learn that???"
"Mom, the gasses build up in your tummie and u have to burp to make room. (Say this in a Duh voice, like I should have known).
I said to her "ok burp away....."

This story made me think of Shavonne. We were all eating at Old Country Buffet or somewhere like this and she said "Man I need to go to the bathroom". I said "oh u have to go real bad huh?" and she said "No I'm going to make more room for food......"

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cooking Cousins!

Alexis and Addason were helping me cook dinner the other night. They wanted to sit on the counter and so when one saw the other up there, well u get the rest. They ate more than they helped, becuse they could see everything that I was doing. They found the Girls easter glasses and put them on. I thought I need to get a picture of this! Its just so cute!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Something Silly about me!!!

Ok so here is something silly about me that many of you don't know. Actually the only person that knows is Corks cause she saw me doing this first hand. When I am making dinner I like to pretend that I am on a cooking show and that I have to show the viewers how to make the dish. It totally makes the time go by faster. These are some of the shows that I watch and a few words that I hear them saying all the time. Yum! All it needs now is some EVOO!!!!

Hey Ya'll! I am just gonna sneak a taste of this before I move on, you may want to turn your head cause this is sinfully good!

This dish is full of a nutty and smoky flavor. I love the way the cheese melts and gets all gooey!
On a side note we were making pineapple chicken the other day and Corks was helping. I was of course pretending to be on a cooking show and when she would ask me something I would look straight ahead and tell the "audience" what I was doing and why. Corks kept looking at me with this weird look and she said "Kim I am over here, why do u keep looking ahead?" So I told her what I do and she laughed. Later we went to the grocery store and was checking out I had gone to an aisle to get something and I see Corks come out of the lane and yell "Paper or Plastic?" with her hands in the air. The bagger looked at her and said who are u talking to? Of course she was asking me what I wanted and the bagger couldnt see me and so she thought Corks had gone in to the aisle and just yelled to anyone that would listen. We were laughing so hard. She thought Corks was crazy. So Corks said u think that is funny guess what my sister does when she is cooking.... Well needlesstosay when we left the store I am sure the checker and the bagger thought we were both a litte nutty!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Fun!

Addi looked so cute I couldnt resist adding this picture. Its out of order but I dont care!
Ok so I know that Halloween is an awesome holiday but this is a little to much... The Easter Bunny later told me that she couldnt find our Easter Baskets, so this is what she used. The kids loved it. ( I didnt realize that when we moved from AZ that a certain someone got rid of our baskets). I think its funny! Easter Bunny came while we were at church, which was much nicer than before. Our kids were not so worried about candy and eggs. All the cousins making silly faces for the picture.

Tried to get some family pics but the sun was just so bright.

More fun pics of the kids

It was a beautiful Easter day

Corks and Jared before their trip to Cali!!

Jared Dove right in to his eater basket!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Mom and Dad are getting married!

Ok so we had stake conference yesterday and we told the kids to bring stuff to color and keep themselves busy. Aleah gave this to me and told me that it is me and Jason getting married. Me and J laughed at all the details... I apparently am a parapalegic becuase I have no arms. Jason is deaf because instead of ears he has arms growing from the side of his head. She wrote mom, dad and I love u all by herself. This is just one of the pictures, I have others.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fun with family!!!

I told u my cat was weird! She hung out with Eli for his bath and even got her feet wet.

I like this hat on Colby..

Makenzie and Addi actually getting along! They have a "Love-Hate" relationship.

Nice double chin Kim!

Shaina helping a sista fix that!

Five of the Webers!

Just the girls!

Heath in deap thought.

Makenzie posed for my camera!

Just some good old fashioned wrestleing with Uncle Jared!

Shaina and her other BFF! (cause sisters are always #1)