Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rascal Update

We took Rascal to the vet and she got an exam and was also given some antibiotics. She has something called Sodium Ion Toxicity. This happens to animals when they have gone with out water for a long period of time, and when they do get water again it causes their brain to swell. Right now she has almost no motor function. She acts dizzy and blind. We are praying that her swelling goes down and that she will make a full recovery. We know she is strong, the vet says all we can do is wait and see. Please help us pray for our dear Rascal!

Even Georgie loved Rascal!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A faith building Experience...

So there are those out there that know our family LOVES cats (with the exception of Jason; he tolerates them). Our tiger cat Rascal went missing around September 2nd.
I called Jason who was camping with James at this time and asked him if he had seen Rascal, he said he saw her Wed night and he left Thursday morning of the 2nd.
I call the kitties in at night and Rascal never came in, which is not unusual if its a warm night, they like to stay out and catch grasshoppers or whatever. So all weekend the kids and I looked for her, we checked garages and asked our neighbors if they had seen her and no one had.

So we decided to say a prayer that night, and each night and day that went by the kids would say a prayer and ask that if someone took her that they would love her as much as we did or if she was lost and couldn't find her way home that she would be able to. We prayed that she was safe and not hurt.

We did this for 3 weeks, we went to the pound to see if anyone had turned her in as a stray and she wasn't there. We were resigned to the fact that she was gone, or I should say I was, but the kids kept praying for her.

Saturday September 25th I was at the Relief Society broadcast and Jason called me and told me that I needed to come home right away because they found Rascal. My heart dropped, I love our cats and knowing that they found her I knew she was gone.

When I got home Jason told me the story. Our neighbor kids (who love our kitties to) scared Pearl, one of our other cats, when they were closing a car door and she ran off. They decided to follow her to make sure she was ok. She ran into the back yard of an abandoned house 2 down from ours. The backyard is HUGE, and dirty. They could hear Rascal crying and they ran and told the girls, who then ran and told Jason. These are the photos of where she was found.

Can you see the arrow I drew in? This is at the back of the property, its an old swap cooler.

This is the inside of the cooler. It has a wheel that turns round and round.

Can you see in-between these slats? That's where she was for 3 weeks. When she would try and get out the wheel would turn and so it acted like a big exercise wheel. She was a pretty hefty cat when she got lost and so because of her size she wedged herself in really good.

She was filthy and so very skinny. I cried and cried thinking of how much she had gone through. That was my one thought that if she was gone, I had hoped that she didn't suffer from whatever happened to her.

Our cat lived just over 3 weeks with no food or water, I know that she should not be alive right now. We cleaned her up and gave her some food, water and a lot of love. She is still skinny but is walking around and acting like nothing happened.

I know that the faith of my children kept her alive. They knew that Heavenly Father would take care of her. The kids came up to Jason and told him that they know they Heavenly Father hears and answers ours prayers, "We know he heard us dad, because he gave us Rascal back".

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last days of summer pictures...

Here a few last pics from the summer, not sure if I showed these of the girls from Girls camp, in Heber Valley. We climbed up a post that was 30 feet up and then had to walk across a beam that wasn't flat and then at the end you got to ride a zip line down. It was very scary but very spiritual at the same time, because it was all about teamwork and leaning on our Father in Heaven for support and Guidance, the girls did great! I was the scardy cat!

These are out of order, this is Liz going down the zip line.

She just got done walking across the beam.

She is very intent, she wasn't gonna go if I didn't do it too. I told I was and so she did!

Zip line

Walking across, she was like la de da no big deal....

from the ground up it didn't seem that far up till you were at the top.


Don't have any idea what they are doing????

I like this pic of all of us, you can hardly see lexi we are all so close

riding the bus to girls camp

It was Lexi's first year!

We had a rain storm and Jason told all the kids to go play in it, so they did, and it was coooooold!

Kinda blurry one of Addi jumping in the rain

Liz decided that she didn't want to get her hair all wet, so she missed out on the fun!

I found Addi one morning sitting here watching the rain fall so I decided to take a picture. I like the next one alot.

He was being so quiet, I asked him why he was sitting there and he told me he was waiting for the rainbow.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Creative happenings, but not mine...

These don't make any sense so read below first and then come back and look at this....

As most of you know I married to a very talented artist, for those who don't you are missing out! He has come up with some pretty cool stuff lately and I thought that I might share what he has made with the rest of the family!

This is something he did for work, they are going make 2 more of these "Smart Space Gallery's" for students at BYU to display art work. This stands outside the art dept in the HVAC. Its really neat and looks really cool! Right now the artist is showing her work in it and more will in the future. If he can get it to grow he might add some to BYUI and BYU Hawaii!

To bad this piece is sideways, its really a simple piece and apparently if you understand art you would get this piece, I kinda do but not really.

This is another coke bottle piece and it looks really cool next to the other coke pieces he has done.

He has done a lot of neon type pieces, this one is called Sundowner Lodge.

The inside

This one is really so cool, he did this after the Grand canyon trip with the BYU kids and when he took Lexi and Anni.

Close up.

Jason had a bunch of kids from the trip write their thoughts on the back, including the girls.

He is making a bunch of pieces now because he has a show summer 2011 at a gallery in SLC. I will post more of those as he finishes them.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

First day of school 2010

Lizzie is a Freshman this year! We are fortunate to have the Jr High grades be 7th thru 9th grade. So technically she is a Senior at the Jr high, weird I know. She is excited for school but I think that wont last long when school really starts to get going for the year.

Lexi is in 7th grade and is now part of the big kid crowd even though she is probably the smallest in her class. She says that she can never open her locker and gets lost in the halls a lot. She didn't have school the same day as Liz, because they let the 7th graders go by themselves the first day and then the 8th and 9th graders go the next day and then everyone goes together on the third day. Its is nice because they have a chance to get the hang of things before the bigger kids get there. So even though she didn't have school she still had to get up for this picture and scriptures and prayers before everyone left for the day.

For some reason my kids think its cold when its really not???? Aleah is in 3rd grade this year and has 2 teachers. One teaches math and science in the morning and the other she goes to teaches English and history after lunch. Its kinda neat that they do that.
Annika has the same teacher this year that Lexi had last year (Mr. Murry) he is a great teacher, lots of fun and Annika came home the first day and told me that he had a real live tarantula in his classroom that she was gonna find grasshoppers for. (Gross and Creepy) if it was me I would check everyday to make sure he was in the cage (remember arachnophobia NA?)

I think this will be a fun year for them and full of exciting things!

Addi has to wait another year for kindergarden, he is really wanting to go to school, but for now he will just have to play with Tucker a bunch!