Thursday, April 16, 2009

What the?????

Lizzie asked if she could have an apple. I said sure. She brought me this apple.

I bought these yesterday

I thought it would be just a piece of wood. It was a whole toothpick.

Be careful what you find in your fruit!

Easter Fun!!

Our Easter Baskets..Filled with yummy stuff!

A quick picture before they dive in!

I found a suit at for Addi at a yard sale, he loves it!

The Easter bunny came late Sunday night. The kids had fun. It was a low key Easter.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun Pictures

I had some random pictures from the last few months and thought I would share them. I finally got one of Jayners smiling. I think its because she is eating something so yummy!

Eli eating same yummy brownies only a little messier. I would point the camera at him and he would stop eating to pose and say cheese!

And again...

I absolutely love this one of Addi, he is totally cheesing out!

Lookin cool in shades

Lexi at Annikas dance program

Liz was taking all these pics while Jason was dancing with Annika.

They do a dance in the 4th grade. They teach the kids different dances and then they sing for us and dance then they come and get someone to dance with. I missed the program because of a basketball game, but it looked like she had fun with her dad.

Showing her sweet dance moves!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Remember your first Crush!

I just want to write this disclaimer that Lizzie knows that this is on my blog. I have her permission as long as I say that she no longer likes this boy because he is "Mean".
This was in a note book that was brought upstairs by the kids and this is what we found in it. I was laughing so hard, because my first crush was a boy named Brett Noble and this is so close to what I wrote its comical. Tell me about your first crush!