Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nothing yet!!

Well no one has gotten sick yet, it looks like the vinegar water is working great. Keep your fingers crossed!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Vinegar anyone?

Ok so whenever someone in our family got the flu our mom had anyone who wasn't sick drink vinegar water so that we wouldn't get the flu. Now I am not really sure what the vinegar did to our stomach but for those who have tasted vinegar I am sure it attacks whatever is causing the flu and Destroys it. Its pretty strong stuff!

Our lovely son came into our room last night and kindly threw up on Jason. Ha Ha. Having done so my husband disappeared (he cant handle it, he will throw up too). I cleaned up the bed and put fresh sheets on. We got Addi back to bed and we all settled back down when he did it again in his bed. Well we made him a bed on the floor. He was sick off and on for the rest of the night.

Well you might be wondering why I am telling you this? I promptly made up 6 batches of vinegar water and had everyone drink it. Even Jason who never gets sick and wont drink it when I have made it before did it (he gagged however)... Now here is the experiment. Who will get sick and who wont? I will keep you posted. I foresee it being me (who has been around Addi and cleaning up after him) or Alexia who gets sick really easy.
Any other home remedies out there? I would love to hear about them.!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Feast or Famine

So a few months ago we went to an event that the Spanish Forks Rotary club does each year around Thanksgiving called "Feast or Famine". We wanted to take the girls so that they could see and learn that not everyone is as fortunate as they are. Not everyone has food and clothes and the things that they need. Part of this is to go and eat what people would consider a feast. You can also make a donation to help feed the poor. It was a good learning experience for us however some of my kids were not to happy. (Who am I kidding only one of my kids was happy)

They have a caterer come in and make a FEAST. I mean the food is sooooooo good and this year I think they had 15 seats at the feast table. When we came into the gym, you wrote your name on a ticket and they put these in the bowl. IF you are one of the fortunate and your name gets drawn you get to eat the catered meal. Now remember there are only 15 seats and at least 300 people. Different wards brought their youth groups and lots of other people from the community came. Pictured above is part of the catered menu. Out of the 15 meals that were chosen at random I would say that 14 of them were kids that got the meal.

My Alexia was one of them. She was sooo happy and she said that the food was super yummy.

The famine food was something like a soup. After the Fields get harvested a company comes in and does something called Gleaning. They glean what is left in the Field, husks, seeds, basically its like getting the scraps or leftovers. This soup was so bland and tasteless. It was really hard to eat and from what I understand it was better than last years soup. It totally needed salt and pepper. It is hard to imagine that some people would consider this a feast, but its very true. I had some kids that were very unhappy at having to eat something so "Biscusting" as Aleah called it. She said that she wanted to go home and eat our food not someone Else's food.

My happy children. I really hope that they learned something from this. I know I did.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Funny pics of Lexis perm!

Ok so FYI if you get a perm at 10:00 at night and go to bed with wet hair, this is what your hair will look like the next morning!

And the back will look worse...Ha Ha Ha

However her perm turned out super cute and very, very curly. I love Lexi with curly hair!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nice new leather for us!!

Since we got our fireplace finished we decided that our furniture was outdated, old and we thought some nice leather couches would look really good with the slate. I searched and searched for some that were the style that we wanted and the color.

I found this set on craigs list.. Its a couch, loveseat (that folds out into a twin hideabed), a chair and a coffee table.

We really liked it and it was such a steal. At first she wanted $400 but her fiance wanted $500 and so we still bought it because, well it was a fantastic deal. If we wanted to sell these we could easily double our money. They are comfy and look so nice with our wood floors and nice new slate fireplace.

Tell me what you think of them!! If you want a closer look please come over!