Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Funny pics of Lexis perm!

Ok so FYI if you get a perm at 10:00 at night and go to bed with wet hair, this is what your hair will look like the next morning!

And the back will look worse...Ha Ha Ha

However her perm turned out super cute and very, very curly. I love Lexi with curly hair!


Sharon said...

i wanna see her with her hair done, i love her hair curly too

kdaygirl said...

gonna post that picture too! I just forgot to add it.

shaina said...

She does look great with curly hair.

courtney said...

Her hair reminds me of that picture where we are moving from Arizona to Washington and your hair is super frizzy and poofy! She looks really cute with curly hair and it looks nice and thick!