Saturday, December 18, 2010

The last Few Months!

Over the last few months this is what we have been up to!

 My baby boy turned 5! Can you believe that? He is excited for kindergarten next year and I just cant say the same thing. It will be weird not to have him home asking if he can watch spider man!

 Sorry its sideways, he got a spider man cake and had all the people over that he wanted.

 We had tons of fun at thanksgiving. For those of you who were there, this is a picture of warren before he got "fake" mad at Trevor (Welcome to the family TBone!) you were a good sport.
 My bff and my boss feeding Kimble and having a chat.

 Lizzie with baby Andelin.

 Mom and Dad finally made it! We were able to get a grand kids picture, we were only missing Beks girls Kristen and Bailey.

 Here they are all together!

 My BFF! Love you!

 Nan with her soon to be!

 We got this shot and then we got a visitor by the name of......


 Our ward had their Christmas party at the church and we did "A Night In Bethlehem". A fun time was had by all. Here we are eating our dinner on our quilt.

 We tried to dress in period clothing, that meant putting on our bathrobes and for Jason his Karate Kid headband...hahahah!

 Our little Angel Lexi played the part of ???? yup the angel. We actually put her in a scissor lift and she was raised up about 20 feet in the air. I was nervous, but she was a natural!

 Mom and dad dressed up to, I though dad looked a little like King Tut. They let the "Honored Citizens" sit at the tables. (This was anyone who couldn't get up and down very well)

Sorry random picture but I liked it. I guess they didn't want to sit TO close to each other! (Jason just told me that you need to have the "Manly" buffer)
We had a great few month and cant wait for the new year to come and bring more memories!