Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Annoying Little Organ!

I didn't bring my camera to the hospital (Jason will today) so I don't have a good shot of Anni living it up. Having to sit in a hospital bed all day is not as great as it seems. Even getting all the ice cream you could want doesn't make it any better. On a side note the appendix does absolutly nothing! But once it gets clogged watch out!

So here is the scoop. Many already heard it, but for those who haven't, here's how it happened.

Friday Anni complained that her tummy hurt and she didn't feel good. Oddly enough so did Aleah. Because they both felt bad we thought, well you must be getting the flu. The kids didn't have school on Friday and so were able to have a 3 day weekend. Well they laid around in the spare room and watched movies. They both ate food and never threw up. Anni started to run a low grade fever by Saturday night. By Sunday they were still hurting and stayed home from church. During this time Aleah was acting better, she wanted to go play and then would complain that her tummy hurt. I was like "if your sick you cant play outside and if you are better you can". She decided that she was sick. Sunday night Anni felt worse and her fever had gone up. We decided that Monday I would take her to the Dr.
The next morning the earliest that they could get us in was 9:40. Well that was just to late and so I decided to take her to the Instacare which takes patients as early as 8am.
After he examined her he thought she might have appendicitis and sent us for an ultra sound. As we were walking out the office to get the ultra sound they called and said it was rescheduled for 2pm. That was about 7 hrs later. We went to that and they did the scan, at first they didn't see anything but stool and were gonna send us home with the instructions of "moving her Bowell's". After we started to get ready to leave the Dr came back in and said; well the orders told us they wanted us to look specifically at your appendix and so why don't you try going to the bathroom here and we will try again. She was able to go and push it all out (she said she was holding it in because it hurt to bad to push). He scanned her again looking only for the appendix saw that it looked a little large and called for a 2nd opinion. The 2nd opinion really new his stuff, because he took one look and said "whoa! We got a hot one here!"
We were then told to go straight to the emergency room. From the time we got the ultra sound till when they took out her appendix was about 4 hrs.
It had ruptured and required a little more attention to get all the infection contained and cleaned out. We are now on our 3rd day in the hospital and will more than likely be here another 2 days. I am hoping by Friday we can go home. We will see. She is doing well and is currently playing supermario brothers. With the movies, Nintendo and all the food she wants; she may not want to leave!
Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts.. We love you all!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Tree Runneth Over!!!

When we moved into the house we were excited to have an apple tree in the yard. This year was so good that the tree branches were hanging down really far. We will have to trim it up this year, so that next fall we get even more apples. I am gonna take a bunch of apples and make up a basket and take them to friends!
These were all the bad apples. We are gonna find someone with horses and donate them for them to enjoy. Why waste right?

Addi helped for about 5 min and then said he was really tired and decided to go in the house...Hmm he seems to do that alot when we have chores too?

Out of the tree we got a laundry tub full! They are so good; sweet and tart at the same time. I think they are Macintosh, but not sure. ( I am not an apple eater, but these are pretty good)

We are gonna dehydrate a bunch and make apple pie and cobbler for the next few months. Guess we need to stock up on ice cream to!

Monday, September 21, 2009

This is for Beks, who is the only one who reads my BLOG!

So Beks asked me to update my blog.. Here goes. These are a few pics from this summer. Here is the kids on their first day of school. Fingers equal the grade they are in this year.

Picture of Liz her first day of eigth grade. Right now she has a 4.0 and says that she will try and keep it all year. (getting money from mom and dad for every A helps!)

We went for a hike up Provo canyon it was a nice view!

Participated in the Parade this year for church; theme was familes together and we had a big temple on our float and everyone whore white, it was great.

more parade pics

Ellicos came to visit and we went bowling again!

We took this same pic the last time they came and decided to do one each year they come to see the kids grow!

Another pic of the kids~