Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Tree Runneth Over!!!

When we moved into the house we were excited to have an apple tree in the yard. This year was so good that the tree branches were hanging down really far. We will have to trim it up this year, so that next fall we get even more apples. I am gonna take a bunch of apples and make up a basket and take them to friends!
These were all the bad apples. We are gonna find someone with horses and donate them for them to enjoy. Why waste right?

Addi helped for about 5 min and then said he was really tired and decided to go in the house...Hmm he seems to do that alot when we have chores too?

Out of the tree we got a laundry tub full! They are so good; sweet and tart at the same time. I think they are Macintosh, but not sure. ( I am not an apple eater, but these are pretty good)

We are gonna dehydrate a bunch and make apple pie and cobbler for the next few months. Guess we need to stock up on ice cream to!


Sharon said...

wow! thats a ton of apples, at first i saw the bad ones, and thought why would you be excited about that? then i saw the tub, wow they look yummy!

courtney said...

Sweet apple tree! I have a victrola, it squooshes and separates the apple from the seeds if you want to borrow it and make apple sauce!

shaina said...

Yum. YOU SHOULd make apple pie filling and can it!

Me and My Girls said...

Holy cow that it a lot of apples from that little tree. It amazes me how much you got from it. I agree with Shaina that you should make apple pie filing and then can it, how nice would that be. Remember that apple tree at the top of the hill going over to the waldens house? This remindes me of that.

Shavonne said...

You should turn your bad apples into apple cider, and chunky apple sauce- Yum! that's cool that you can actually use those apples! Addi looks like Johnny Appleseed with the pot on his head!