Thursday, June 23, 2011


Last Friday Jason had his reception for the show he has up at Art Access in SLC. Here is the blog if you are interested in seeing what he has accomplished this past year.

While waiting for Jason's show to open Mom, dad and I walked through the church history museum and saw some of the shows that were up, these next pictures were so moving to me and I thought I would share them with you.

 This one was called "Behold The Man" painted by Christopher Young. I love the purple in this painting and the expression on Christ face.

This one you couldn't help but start crying as soon as you saw it, its called "No Greater Love" and is painted by Adam Abram. I think the painting says it all, don't you?  What wonderful talented artists we have in this world of ours!

Ian & Karissa!

So last week Ian and Karissa got to go to the Mt Timpanogos Temple and get their Endowments! It was amazing and very cool to be there to witness this. Here are some shots from after the temple. It was dark and the sun was setting, sorry if the pics are a little dark I should have used the flash more. We are super proud of these two love birds and especially Bud who we have all been praying for.

We Love you Ian & Karissa!

Cant wait till July!

                                                   I think its funny they both closed their eyes!

                                                                          Until the sealing!

Hiking the Grotto with dad

I had to work last Saturday during the day (not normal) and so the kids got to go hiking with their dad! He takes them places like this all the time. Jason's dad liked to do stuff like this too!
This particular place is called "The Grotto" you hike for a little bit and their is a waterfall at the end. Its not huge but pretty nonetheless. Here are some highlights!

 I like how Addi has his head almost falling off in this pic and Aleah looks a little like an owl with her eyes so WIDE open.

                                                           The waterfall at the end of the trail

                                              I don't like seeing the kids so close to edges....yikes!

 Jason was trying to have all the kids run off this log and jump so he could get their picture, it only worked with Addi and he jumped super high!

 As they were driving there was this random snow bank that they stopped to play on, it was slippery and muddy on the edge but they had fun sliding down it.

                                         This shot show you how much snow there really was.

Just a silly shot to finish out a super fun day with dad!

Anni graduates 6th grade!

Just a quick post, Anni will be in 7th grade next year at the Jr high with Lexi and 9th graders (Yikes)! She said she is most nervous about getting lost and most excited about meeting new friends. This year they got these super neat graduation books with their "diplomas" in them. Yay for Anni!

Sweatin to the Oldies!

So the girls had a Young Women's activity where they were supposed to dress up in their favorite 80's workout wear and come and have a sweating to the oldies party. I had to work and so told the hubby to grab a few snapshots of the kids before they left, he really had them ham it up!

 FYI: these purple shorts are funny!

 This is the girls at the leaders house, they are doing the buns of steal video.

At the church for opening exercises (ha get it?) After the "workout" they had soda and cookies and chips or something along those lines. They had fun and I think they looked great doing it!