Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pioneer day Celebrations!

So here in Utah Pioneer Day is bigger than the Fourth of July. I know weird right? Well they have all kinds of actives and fun stuff to do. One of those activities is the kids parade, last year our wards kids float made it into the big 24th parade. This years theme was "surround Yourself..." and they did surround yourself with happiness. Our ward won best use of the theme. We only have 3 kids left in primary, they had fun but it was already hot and it was only 9am!

Can you see Aleah?

I didn't know Addi rode here in the corner "with no hands Mom!" I was a little freaked out till one of the leaders said that he was holding onto the chair...whew!

Notice Annika's runway stance again?

I turned these pictures, sorry. This one was facing away from the sun.

This was the end of that day and the sunset was just so pretty.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

More randon pics from July

Here are just a few more pictures that I have from the Nunnellys visit and the Fourth of July. We got this trampoline at the beginning of summer and boy have we ever gotten our moneys worth! Even my neighbor said so and the Stake president commented on it (more on that later). We are so happy to have a trampoline, I have always wanted one!

The kids are all taking turns at Trampoline dodge ball, 4 on at a time and when one gets hit with the ball they get off and another from line gets on. We had some bad throws by the dads, kids were getting hit Above the waist..not good!

Georgie is telling her dad how to throw the ball.

Uncle Warren throws pretty hard!

We lost the ball in the street a couple of times and the kids were relaxing and taken unaware when the dads would throw it super fast.

After baths and and Jammie's we got to go outside at light our fireworks. In Utah you can light 3 days before and 3 days after, the kids have a lot of fun watching and lighting those.

Georgie would get sooooooo excited that she would hug you and just about pop your head off!

All the kids were scared to light the fireworks, that's good because it shows that they don't play with fire that often.

The colors were super cool!

Notice that Kamy is covering her ears? She didn't really like the loud ones. We had tons of fun with all the kids, we hope that the Nunnellys can come again, only this time with the whole family and under less stressful circumstances. We are all so happy that our little Nephew is doing well. We love you Kimble!

Friday, July 2, 2010

I learned to Swim today!

The kids could hardly stand here for this picture, they wanted to swim so bad. I like Anni in this picture, she looks like she is getting ready to walk down a runway or something and see the wind blowing her hair back. I think its funny.
It was a HOT day but also cold cause the wind was blowing. If you got out of the pool you were cold, but if you stayed in it was just right.

George was ready to swim! Although I had her change her suit cause the top on the other one protected her arms and shoulders and that is what we like.

In this pic Keaton is telling me that he taught himself to swim and I was to watch what he did.

This is what he did, I tried to get him to not hold his nose but he said he was still learning. I told him good job and he would be a pro in no time!

Eating fruit snacks, cheezits and drinking ice cold juice boxes. They do a pool check every hour and so we would lay on the cement to get warm and dry off a little before they let us go back in.

Kami at first didn't want to go on the slide, but after about an hour she decided she was gonna go for it.

You really don't go very fast unless your name is KIM.. I cant seem to slow myself down enough and I always hit the water doing 60!

Lexi went with her.

Cousins having fun! Emma got to come with us while her mom was having a baby, yea Aunt Autumn!

Can you see Keaton?

He went down the slide like 10 times.

We had fun! I wish we could go again tomorrow, but its supposed to be only in the 80's. It will also be super crowded cause of the fourth of July holiday, so we are gonna go have a picnic in the park!