Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pioneer day Celebrations!

So here in Utah Pioneer Day is bigger than the Fourth of July. I know weird right? Well they have all kinds of actives and fun stuff to do. One of those activities is the kids parade, last year our wards kids float made it into the big 24th parade. This years theme was "surround Yourself..." and they did surround yourself with happiness. Our ward won best use of the theme. We only have 3 kids left in primary, they had fun but it was already hot and it was only 9am!

Can you see Aleah?

I didn't know Addi rode here in the corner "with no hands Mom!" I was a little freaked out till one of the leaders said that he was holding onto the chair...whew!

Notice Annika's runway stance again?

I turned these pictures, sorry. This one was facing away from the sun.

This was the end of that day and the sunset was just so pretty.

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shaina said...

Very fun to be in a parade!