Sunday, September 5, 2010

First day of school 2010

Lizzie is a Freshman this year! We are fortunate to have the Jr High grades be 7th thru 9th grade. So technically she is a Senior at the Jr high, weird I know. She is excited for school but I think that wont last long when school really starts to get going for the year.

Lexi is in 7th grade and is now part of the big kid crowd even though she is probably the smallest in her class. She says that she can never open her locker and gets lost in the halls a lot. She didn't have school the same day as Liz, because they let the 7th graders go by themselves the first day and then the 8th and 9th graders go the next day and then everyone goes together on the third day. Its is nice because they have a chance to get the hang of things before the bigger kids get there. So even though she didn't have school she still had to get up for this picture and scriptures and prayers before everyone left for the day.

For some reason my kids think its cold when its really not???? Aleah is in 3rd grade this year and has 2 teachers. One teaches math and science in the morning and the other she goes to teaches English and history after lunch. Its kinda neat that they do that.
Annika has the same teacher this year that Lexi had last year (Mr. Murry) he is a great teacher, lots of fun and Annika came home the first day and told me that he had a real live tarantula in his classroom that she was gonna find grasshoppers for. (Gross and Creepy) if it was me I would check everyday to make sure he was in the cage (remember arachnophobia NA?)

I think this will be a fun year for them and full of exciting things!

Addi has to wait another year for kindergarden, he is really wanting to go to school, but for now he will just have to play with Tucker a bunch!


shaina said...

still one of the greatest movies ever.

School is fun! Too bad Addi and George can't play "assitant" together all day. It would make the year go by fast for them.

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

When I was in 4th grade I had 2 teachers too. I thought that was so cool. I just loved it.