Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Artfull Saturday!

This last Saturday Jason was invited to participate in an event at the Nox Contemporary Gallery called "Draw".

For the exhibition, all participants were given the same time frame (8 hours) and the same size paper on which to work. The catch: Each artist will be limited to using only a over sized No. 2 pencil and one other drawing medium of the artist's choice, the latter of which will be attached to a dowel the length of his or her body height.

Jason brought his pen and ink supplies and went to town! I was there for the day as well cheering him on while I worked on my latest cross stitch. It was a really long day, but fun to see what the other artists did. The opening for the show is this Friday, I hope lots of people come to it!

Jason does some Amazing pen and ink drawings, many people liked this tree that he did. He spent the majority of his time on it and didn't have time to finish much else. I think it looks fantastic!

By the time he was done his back was killing him, but I think he had fun.

Addi's randomness....

So lately I have found some of Addi's toys in random ways. You saw what he did with poor spider man, well here are a few more unusual setups.

 Woody on a skateboard on top of a box of play dough? I asked Addi what Woody was doing and he told me that he was tired from skateboarding and playing with the play dough when we weren't looking.

 Of course he said the was a battle between good and evil, not sure who won this one. Maybe that's how spidey ended up taped to the table?

 Another stack of randomness? I have no idea why....

 Addi doing his Webb Shooters!

Spidey looks beat!