Saturday, January 28, 2012

Liz Communication project

So Lizzie had a project for school and I was really irritated with the teacher because she gave the girls (Hanna and Liz have the same class but at different times) and assignment and didnt teach them how to do it. She told them that they needed to make a video montage of a story from their lives that had pictures, music and voice over. Again she didnt tell them or teach them how to do this and I am still bugged about it. Anyways Liz figured out that i have a program on my computer that does all this neat stuff and she put together this little story (her information is no where near correct, but we let her think getting Hanna was all her idea for the purpose of the video)

Monday, January 16, 2012

German Christmas Traditions!

On Saint Nicholas' Day, the 6th of December, Saint Nicholas puts goodies in children's shoes! Hanna was telling us of this tradition and wanted us to do it as well. So we all lined up our shoes and hoped that St Nicholas would bring us some goodies!

 Not St Nicholas but that's ok, Hanna filling the shoes with the gifts she bought for us.

 Hanna smiling......I love it!

 Oh boy the shoes are ready for the next morning! This is one tradition that we will do after Hanna has to return home, it was so much fun and we all love to learn new things!

 Another tradition was lighting a candle each Sunday in December. Four candles, four Sundays. By the last Sunday the first candle had almost burned all gone, but it was still fun to eat each Sunday by candlelight.

All the kids with their surprise from St Nicholas!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

November part 3

The last part of our trip was to stop and see Nana and TaTa ( Jason's aunt and uncle) in flagstaff and of course since we are there we have to get a picture at the face. It looks pretty bad, it needs to be cleaned and the school has not taken care of it which is a shame because Jason did such a good job on it.

 We got a few with just Hanna. Not everyday you get to sit on a big nose!

Next stop on our way home was the Coral Pink sand dunes in Kanab. Its miles of sand that is super soft on your feet and is a very pretty pink color. It was cold that day as well and our feet were freezing. If you didn't go to far down into the sand it was warm. We wanted to stay longer and play but it was just to cold.

 My foot, it looks pretty cool huh?

 The kids were all like "what do we do?"

 Jason said......."Play!"
This is some of them running down the hill.

These next shots are some of my favorites, I wish I had taken some of all this kids doing this.

 I set my camera to take 3 shots in a row and this is what I got..........



This was before they all jumped for my header/Christmas card. They were waiting for my cue. I sooooo love my header, the colors are so neat with the blue sky and brown sand. Love It!!!

I threw this one in at the end because it shows you kind off how big the area is. People come out here to four wheel and camp and stuff. Its a pretty fun place, I can see us stopping here again sometime.

Friday, January 13, 2012

November part 2

The best part of our November was spending time with the Ellicos! We love their family so much and always have the best time when we are all together. Here are some highlights!

 Just a shot of the kids chillin, I am sure they were getting ready to eat something.

 Jeff and Jason cheesing it for the camera, well at least Jason is....

 Lizzie and Katie (I said smile big and Lizzie got it for sure!)

We celebrated Jeff's 16th Birthday, they were trying to hold up 16 fingers..

 Hanna smiling for my camera!

 Thanksgiving dinner!

 This is what the adults did the majority of the time we were there, I am sure the kids hate when we play games because that is pretty much all we do while we are there. 

 Carving the turkey ( I don't really like turkey, but this one was pretty good. Mel did a fabulous job) and it was Hanna's first experience with turkey as well, she like it too!

 Group shot

 Kids goofy picture

 The kids loved going outside and shooting the bow and arrows. They wanted to do it everyday.

 Jason showing Hanna how its done.

She did really well; however then next day she had a nasty bruise on her arm where the wire hit.  

Addi absolutely loved it! Of course he is a boy and it was a weapon and got to shoot at something. 

Oh yeah did I forget to mention that Hanna was arrested?
They don't let Germans in Arizona, who knew?
(just kidding Jason is with hwy patrol and we thought it would be a funny pic to send home to Hanna's family)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

November part 1

Mr. Addason J. Lanegan turned six!
I never knew a kid so happy to be six, I think it was because it meant he could go to school. He had a chocolate cake and lots of cool stuff!

 He always loves Spider man!

This is a just a funny picture of Lizzie. We went to an art show that was called "Gathering Friends For Heaven" and you were supposed to take Lisa as seen below and take a picture with her and print it and hang it on the wall at her show. I really liked the idea for the show, I thought it was very clever. Anyways this is what Lizzie did with Lisa.


We visited the Grand Canyon over Thanksgiving break. Our Exchange student Hanna has never been there and so since we were only 45 minutes away we knew we just had to stop there.

 Hanna is not very fond of high places (neither and I) and so it was a challenge to get her to stand near the edge to get a good shot.

 Lizzie was cool with it though.

 All the kiddos ( It wasn't super cold there until the sun went behind a cloud and then we were freezing)
 Here I am working my double chin!

 A nice stranger offered to take a family shot for us, in turns out that they host exchange students all the time and they were from Utah as well.

 It took some convincing but Hanna and I climbed out on this ledge to get a picture. Heights are not my thing, we all saw Superman save that kid and Niagara Falls, but that just wouldn't happen here!

 By the end of the day, we were all just tuckered out!

 We tried to sneak off the bus without waking Lizzie up but she caught us in the middle of it.... it was funny!

 Anni using her scarf as a pillow

There is a place along the way to the Grand Canyon called "Bedrock" it has a bunch of Flinstone stuff there. Here are the kids posing on the Flintstones car.