Friday, January 13, 2012

November part 2

The best part of our November was spending time with the Ellicos! We love their family so much and always have the best time when we are all together. Here are some highlights!

 Just a shot of the kids chillin, I am sure they were getting ready to eat something.

 Jeff and Jason cheesing it for the camera, well at least Jason is....

 Lizzie and Katie (I said smile big and Lizzie got it for sure!)

We celebrated Jeff's 16th Birthday, they were trying to hold up 16 fingers..

 Hanna smiling for my camera!

 Thanksgiving dinner!

 This is what the adults did the majority of the time we were there, I am sure the kids hate when we play games because that is pretty much all we do while we are there. 

 Carving the turkey ( I don't really like turkey, but this one was pretty good. Mel did a fabulous job) and it was Hanna's first experience with turkey as well, she like it too!

 Group shot

 Kids goofy picture

 The kids loved going outside and shooting the bow and arrows. They wanted to do it everyday.

 Jason showing Hanna how its done.

She did really well; however then next day she had a nasty bruise on her arm where the wire hit.  

Addi absolutely loved it! Of course he is a boy and it was a weapon and got to shoot at something. 

Oh yeah did I forget to mention that Hanna was arrested?
They don't let Germans in Arizona, who knew?
(just kidding Jason is with hwy patrol and we thought it would be a funny pic to send home to Hanna's family)

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Shavonne said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm glad you still stay in touch with the Ellico's, that's been a long friendship. I love that you pretended to arrest Hannah! haha, that's a great picture to send home