Saturday, January 14, 2012

November part 3

The last part of our trip was to stop and see Nana and TaTa ( Jason's aunt and uncle) in flagstaff and of course since we are there we have to get a picture at the face. It looks pretty bad, it needs to be cleaned and the school has not taken care of it which is a shame because Jason did such a good job on it.

 We got a few with just Hanna. Not everyday you get to sit on a big nose!

Next stop on our way home was the Coral Pink sand dunes in Kanab. Its miles of sand that is super soft on your feet and is a very pretty pink color. It was cold that day as well and our feet were freezing. If you didn't go to far down into the sand it was warm. We wanted to stay longer and play but it was just to cold.

 My foot, it looks pretty cool huh?

 The kids were all like "what do we do?"

 Jason said......."Play!"
This is some of them running down the hill.

These next shots are some of my favorites, I wish I had taken some of all this kids doing this.

 I set my camera to take 3 shots in a row and this is what I got..........



This was before they all jumped for my header/Christmas card. They were waiting for my cue. I sooooo love my header, the colors are so neat with the blue sky and brown sand. Love It!!!

I threw this one in at the end because it shows you kind off how big the area is. People come out here to four wheel and camp and stuff. Its a pretty fun place, I can see us stopping here again sometime.


courtney said...

Love all the updates. The pictures are really cool! Sometime when you guys come here, we could go to the Sand Dunes in St. Anthony if you wanted, they are just like those sand dunes.

wienerhoneymooners said...

I love the header too! The vibrant colors are so cool with the kids clothes!