Monday, January 16, 2012

German Christmas Traditions!

On Saint Nicholas' Day, the 6th of December, Saint Nicholas puts goodies in children's shoes! Hanna was telling us of this tradition and wanted us to do it as well. So we all lined up our shoes and hoped that St Nicholas would bring us some goodies!

 Not St Nicholas but that's ok, Hanna filling the shoes with the gifts she bought for us.

 Hanna smiling......I love it!

 Oh boy the shoes are ready for the next morning! This is one tradition that we will do after Hanna has to return home, it was so much fun and we all love to learn new things!

 Another tradition was lighting a candle each Sunday in December. Four candles, four Sundays. By the last Sunday the first candle had almost burned all gone, but it was still fun to eat each Sunday by candlelight.

All the kids with their surprise from St Nicholas!


courtney said...

That is a cool tradition! And eating by candlelite is fun no matter when you do it, and if you have an excuse to do it more often, all the better!

wienerhoneymooners said...

Awesome traditions. I can't wait to learn more about some German traditions!