Friday, February 19, 2010

Flowers and scary faces...Ooooooh!

Addi wanted me to tape this napkin to his face. It was weird but he thought it was pretty funny.
He is pointing to his mouth, so that I knew where it was. Thanks dude!

See the tape over his ears?

I love boys!

Here are some of the flowers we made. Lexi is modeling them for me.

Dev came over and made some to!

These were the ones Lizzie made; incidentally she made her sweatshirt to!

Our completed work! Now the girls have flowers for church.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Does this look comfortable to you?

Thursday night the girls and I were working on their Valentines for their class parties. I was thinking Addi would like to help and knew that he was watching T.V.
So I went to go get him and this is what I found....does this look comfortable to you? Could you sleep this way? This is exactly what Jason does, he can sleep almost anywhere. Sitting up, on the HARD floor, literally anywhere. He may not feel good when he wakes up but I guess when your tired you can sleep anywhere. Hmmm that must be nice, because I cant do it.

Oh to be young and pliable!