Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Nunnelly Fun!

Today is Tuesday and we are gonna have some fun, its free movie day at the theater!
Here is some pics of what we did yesterday!
Georgie asked me if I would do her hair pretty. I put it into a side pony tail with a flower for flair. She loved it. I don't know if Shaina rocked the side pony as well as Georgie......

Remember the cats? Well George sure does and I found her by the cat food. She would pull the bowl closer and closer to her each time the cat would go for it. I finally had to tell her to let Rascal eat and then when she is done you can hold her.

She is waiting so patiently.

Kids played on the tramp again, this time with the sprinkler going. I asked them to do a trick for me, below is what they did.

This is Keaton's cannonball.....that's what he called it.

Nice tuck Keaton! I gave it a 7.5

This was Georgie's signature move, the jump and spin.

We had mini pizzas for dinner, my kids love these. Kolby was my assistant (like that Shaina?) for dinner and he did a great job saucing up the muffins.

The kids had 3 each and were stuffed.

I took the older kids to the farm with me to pull weeds for family home evening. It was SUPER hot and I told the kids if they did a good job they could get and ice cream cone. If they did a really, really good job they could get a Kong Cone, pictured above. They all did awesome!
Later as Kami was talking to her parents I heard her say she pulled out a Decade of weeds and that Aunt Kim's shirt was all sweaty. In my defense it was really hot.

Keaton did great and he was quick to tell me that he was almost a man. This is because real men sweat and you can tell that your almost a man when you start to sweat and he had sweat on his head. He was totally exhausted after picking weeds and so he really deserved his ice cream!

We got some weird stares while we were at the store, of course we were covered in dirt and sweat and so I imagined we smelled bad to. Oh well the ice cream was great!

The younger kids stayed at the house with Jason and jumped on the tramp some more. They also had pudding cups and banana bread for a treat.

George doing her signature move again.

It was a nice end to a long hot day!

Monday, June 28, 2010

What are the Nunnelly's doing?

So this week we have the pleasure of watching my sister Shaina's aka my BFF's kids while they are taking care of their sweet baby Kimble (my Nephew). For Kimbles story and to participate in her blanket drive, please visit her blog http://just-because-i-am-me.blogspot.com/ .

Here are some things we have done since Friday....lots more fun things planned this week! Movies, swimming, ice cream in the park, pulling weeds, mini pizzas and more!!!

We had a game night on Sunday and we had 19 kids here! We were only missing 9 of the grand kids...amazing huh?
They are pretending to be asleep? It didn't really work..hahaha!

Playing dodge ball on the tramp. If you got out you would rotate and someone else would get to come in.

Another goofy picture...gotta have one of those!

Eating Uncle Jason's Nachos for dinner...we had lots of seconds and thirds!

Georgie playing on the computer. There is a barbie website where you can dress her up in a ton of different outfits...its a favorite of my girls.

We have 2 kitties and this is Rascal, she loves to be held....but not by Georgie. She has been trying and trying to hold the kitties, but she runs after them and then they run away and so now when they see her coming they run even faster. I will post more on this later...its really quite funny.

When Georgie got here she found the dress up stuff and had some fun playing with Addi.

Aleah and Keaton climbing our Harry Potter tree outside.

We are old school with our video game system, we have a Nintendo 64 but we have lots of cool games for it. This is what the boys love to do.

More barbie game fun.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ellico Visit 2010!

We had our annual visit from the Ellico family! We have been friends with them for 14 years now and they are not tired of us yet...YEA!
We did a bunch of fun stuff this last week and here are a few pics to highlight our week.

We went to the Bean museum on BYU campus. Its a really neat wildlife exhibit that has a ton of animals. We are all sitting around watching a video on spiders. It was pretty cool.

We also went bowling at BYU, we have done this I think the last 2 times they have come up and we try and take pictures of the kids in the same spot, its neat to see how big they are getting.

Jeff finally decided to not use the rail, he was big enough to bowl without it...haha just kidding. Jeff actually won all of us with a score of 127 and no bumper strikes!

Addi used it for a few turns and then decided he didn't want it. I think his score was around 90? Well he beat a few of us anyways.

This is at the bean museum to. Its a butterfly, made from butterflies. Really neat!

We took some time to cool off at the pool. It was a nice hot day.

This picture is from 2008 in front of the lockers before you enter the bowling alley.

This one is from this year 2010 !

We have another of these from earlier years too!

We wasted no time and played games whenever there was free time!

Kids went on a hike to the Grotto, its a waterfall in Payson.

Church day

Jason bragging that he won first in Settlers!

Overall a fabulous weekend!
Thanks Ellicos see you in December!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Letters to the Tooth Fairy

Aleah lost another tooth! She really did loose it, but the tooth fairy has a way of finding them so we don't worry about teeth that are lost, left in a restaurant, swallowed, thrown away, etc (these have all happened to us). Here is the letter that she wrote the tooth fairy...I just love it!


Dear Tooth Fairy I pulled my tooth out all by myself but it did hurt, I floss and brush and rinse and my teeth are clean I hope you like it but the only dirty spot is the blood. It was hard to pull out.

From : Aleah

To: Tooth Fairy, I believe in you I hope I get a big chocolate bar and ten dollars.

The picture shows what she wants and pictures of her and teeth dancing around.

She didn't get ten dollars, but she did get three dollars and a bag of M&M's.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

Here are some highlights from our big trip to Washington for Nans graduation, Ian's Wedding, Aleahs Baptism and Mr Max's blessing!
! We are so happy to be home, but we had so much fun!

I know many have seen this but I just love it! My BFF!

Yea for Nan the last of 10 to graduate all from the same high school....they will miss the Weber's there for sure! (we missed you Corks)

All of us in front of the high school. Nan had a lot of fans that day!

We are at the church a lot, this is most of the grand kids having diner after the graduation.

Moms girls minus one...corks.

Kinda a dark picture of all of us...sorry. Ian and his new bride Karissa. Believe it or not we are missing 8 grand kids and 3 more adults. Welcome to our very large family Karissa!

After the fun filled weekend we headed over to Jason's sisters house and invaded their space for a while. We were invited back and so I guess we did good!

These are out of order, this is the morning we left. You have to have a goofy picture.

We took the ferry over to Bremerton and saw Uncle Kevin! We had dinner and got to see his beautiful home. The kids loved it and wished we could stay longer.

We got to see Laura to. We miss her and don't get to see her often.

Addi looks mad....

These are out of order, this was the ferry ride over. The kids loved it, I hated seeing them so close to the edge. I get REALLY paranoid on these kinds of things.

Kids with the Seattle skyline.

I was taking a picture of Addi and little did I know he was trying to lick me...little stinker!

Inside the aquarium they had this room that was all fish tank, it was above your head and all around. I didn't like this room very much.......there was a lot of water! The fish were amazing though!

There was this funny bench shaped like a beaver and the kids all wanted a picture by it.

We loved the aquarium..thanks Aunt Kim! It was so much fun!

We took lots of pictures in front of the fish tanks.

Our kids got caught by an Octopus!

We got to pet a sea cucumber and it was really slimy!

We also got to tickle some sea urchins too!

Love Addi's expression!

Conrad was kind enough to fix my hair for me.

We met Jason's Uncle George Bernethy and his son Ray. We got to see the Banta family bible and it was amazing. We learned some neat family history to.

This is Uncle Doug and Gerald Ray. Jason said they were so happy to see family, so anyone that is in the area, please stop and say hi, they would love it!

There is a street in CleEllum Washington that is named after the Lanegans, ( we think) we are still trying to find out the history of the street names. This is spelled Lannigan but this is also how they have it at the cemetery too.