Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

Here are some highlights from our big trip to Washington for Nans graduation, Ian's Wedding, Aleahs Baptism and Mr Max's blessing!
! We are so happy to be home, but we had so much fun!

I know many have seen this but I just love it! My BFF!

Yea for Nan the last of 10 to graduate all from the same high school....they will miss the Weber's there for sure! (we missed you Corks)

All of us in front of the high school. Nan had a lot of fans that day!

We are at the church a lot, this is most of the grand kids having diner after the graduation.

Moms girls minus one...corks.

Kinda a dark picture of all of us...sorry. Ian and his new bride Karissa. Believe it or not we are missing 8 grand kids and 3 more adults. Welcome to our very large family Karissa!

After the fun filled weekend we headed over to Jason's sisters house and invaded their space for a while. We were invited back and so I guess we did good!

These are out of order, this is the morning we left. You have to have a goofy picture.

We took the ferry over to Bremerton and saw Uncle Kevin! We had dinner and got to see his beautiful home. The kids loved it and wished we could stay longer.

We got to see Laura to. We miss her and don't get to see her often.

Addi looks mad....

These are out of order, this was the ferry ride over. The kids loved it, I hated seeing them so close to the edge. I get REALLY paranoid on these kinds of things.

Kids with the Seattle skyline.

I was taking a picture of Addi and little did I know he was trying to lick me...little stinker!

Inside the aquarium they had this room that was all fish tank, it was above your head and all around. I didn't like this room very much.......there was a lot of water! The fish were amazing though!

There was this funny bench shaped like a beaver and the kids all wanted a picture by it.

We loved the aquarium..thanks Aunt Kim! It was so much fun!

We took lots of pictures in front of the fish tanks.

Our kids got caught by an Octopus!

We got to pet a sea cucumber and it was really slimy!

We also got to tickle some sea urchins too!

Love Addi's expression!

Conrad was kind enough to fix my hair for me.

We met Jason's Uncle George Bernethy and his son Ray. We got to see the Banta family bible and it was amazing. We learned some neat family history to.

This is Uncle Doug and Gerald Ray. Jason said they were so happy to see family, so anyone that is in the area, please stop and say hi, they would love it!

There is a street in CleEllum Washington that is named after the Lanegans, ( we think) we are still trying to find out the history of the street names. This is spelled Lannigan but this is also how they have it at the cemetery too.


shaina said...

those are great pictures! YOu definitely got a week filled with family! I'm glad you got to visit with everyone.

A little photoshopping....and Lannigan springs just might become Lanegan springs!

Hunsaker Family said...

You were so close! Wish we could have somehow seen you. It looks like you had a great time. Your kids have grown so much, and so has the "Weber" family.

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

Addi must be hanging out with Pearl a little too much...I loved seeing your family. I think our hair is like identical curliness by looking at pictures of us, color wise to maybe. Anyways, love you.

Queen of Chaos said...

Lots of stuff packed in a week! That's great you guys got to see jason's side of the family too. :)

The pictures are great!