Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's Sunny..Just Kidding!!

We had a few days of really nice weather and the kids were outside playing and having loads of fun. Here is Addi on his scooter that he loves to ride.

Lizzie is taking volleyball at school and really likes it. I thought this was a neat camera shot! Notice the intensity in Lizzies face.

Like the stamp on Aleah's forehead? When the kids lunch money is low they get their hand stamped with a smiley face and then they rub it on their foreheads.

Lexi on her Christmas bike. She hasn't been able to ride it because of the snow.

Here is Anni playing on our tree swing. She posed so nicely for this picture!

Here are all the kids playing outside and it was so warm and nice!

This is what we woke up to the next day! Boo! Hiss!

And it got cold again. Mother nature is very unpredictable!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Get ready to go on a walk kids!

Now that the weather is getting better we like to go for walks around our neighborhood as a family. Today we decided to go to the Library. It has a kids play ground right next to it. Jason told all the kids to get their shoes and sock on.
Here is Addi ready to ride his scooter!

I noticed something about Addi's socks as he was walking with Jay.

He chose Aleah's snowman socks and they were "peeking" out from his pants. I laughed and laughed. He actually wears Aleah's socks most of the time. He wore her fancy church socks when we went to see Jason at the school the other day. One was white and the other one was purple and they had some nice white lace on them. Its just to cute!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Its probably the best I've ever done, Mom!

I think that these totally speak for themselves. Annika drew them today after school for me. I like how I kind of look like a scarecrow. I wasn't sure if I was riding a horse or a giraffe. Its a horse of course! Anni always draws me random pictures, and they are priceless to me. I love it when she makes me a picture.
This is the other one that she did. A flamingo. I would say its a pretty good likeness wouldn't you?