Thursday, March 19, 2009

Get ready to go on a walk kids!

Now that the weather is getting better we like to go for walks around our neighborhood as a family. Today we decided to go to the Library. It has a kids play ground right next to it. Jason told all the kids to get their shoes and sock on.
Here is Addi ready to ride his scooter!

I noticed something about Addi's socks as he was walking with Jay.

He chose Aleah's snowman socks and they were "peeking" out from his pants. I laughed and laughed. He actually wears Aleah's socks most of the time. He wore her fancy church socks when we went to see Jason at the school the other day. One was white and the other one was purple and they had some nice white lace on them. Its just to cute!


Sharon said...

addi's so cute, i love that he doesn't care what anyone else thinks!

shaina said...

Glad you took pictures. Those socks are just too funny.

courtney said...

That's hillarious!

The girls keep putting on their new clothes you brought and say, "Mom, this smells like leah!"

Me and My Girls said...

oh that cracks me up! He is the best! I am so excited to see him at the reunion.