Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I found it outside..

"Mom I found this Americle flag outside"
(sounds kinda like miracle and america smashed together)
That is what she called it. I asked her again to make sure I heard her right and sure enough I did.

The only way to watch Dora...or didnt u know?

I went in on Sunday to check on Addi. He had been quite for to long so I knew that trouble must be brewing. I found him and Aleah watching Dora. I was "told" by Aleah that this was the only way to watch Dora with your brother. So now u all know how to do it too!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

What makes u tired???

Apparently its Peanut Butter for Aleah...

I walked out and saw her plate and was going to call her up to finish her lunch. Thats when I saw her on the chair. The peanut butter just tuckered her out. She wont eat it with jelly. She likes just peanut butter or just jelly.

Out of all the places to take a nap, Why???

Thursday, July 17, 2008

And this is what he looks like now...

Jason Buzzed him when he got home fro work. He looked so different I hardly recognized him.

You did sisters!!!

So I just finished cutting Lizzie's hair and went into the bathroom and found this had happened..

He is still holding the sissors... see the hair on the ground?

Nice bald patch on the top there..

Out of all the kids he is the only one who has done this. Its a good thing he is a boy and it doesnt matter how short his hair is. Now I will have to give him a buzz cut... So much for curly brown locks!!! (on a side note.. I was laughing behind my hand, it was funny)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I was to tired to make dad good....

Aleah drew a picture of me. If u click on it and make it larger u can see all the really neat detail. The bees, birds, and butterflys. She did such an awsome job. She told me that she worked really hard on mine, so much so that she didnt have anything left for Jasons picture of him.

" All I could do is this mom, I was just to tired".

Poor Jason no butterflys for him. :(

Addi Sleeps......He's Weird!

I know that u have seen some of the pics. But I thought it would be fun to put them all together. I have more of his just falling asleep randomly. Its funny..

He actually squirmed his way under the cat.

Reading the Friend

Art work is tiring work!

The friend again, different day.

Maybe this is why he thinks he's Cinderella?

This picture Jason took when I wasnt home. I love it!!!

Cheese its and cartoons can wear u out!

Another like the first one only closer.

Mom I Pretty!!!

Leah came upstairs and showed me that she had dressed Addi. I saw him and he said "Mom I Pretty" I said u sure are. Who are u? and He said "I Cinerrella". So I asked him if I could take his picture and he posed with Aleah.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mom when is school gonna start?

Lexi was cleaning the kitchen last night like a good daughter when she asked me

"Mom when is school gonna start again?"
I said to her "why are u getting excited for school already?"
(or me summer had barely begun because it was soooooo cold for sooooo long).
She said "No it just seems like a weird summer."
I asked her why did she think its was so weird?
And she replied "Because we are usually packing and moving somewhere......."
Well I guess you know that you move to much when your kids expect to move at any given moment.. Since we have moved here and bought this house I have been asked by all the kids when we are gonna move again. I always say were not moving again for years and years. They always walk away with a disbelieving look in their eyes, like I am kidding and we really are gonna move the next day or something. SHesh! It might take a while for it to sink in. I still cant believe that were are here to stay YEAH!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A week with the Ellico's!!!!

The Ellicos came to visit us this last week. It was a blast!
We have known them since Lizzie was a tiny baby. Their oldest is 6 months older than Liz and all of the rest of our kids fall pretty close in age. Lexi and Katie are 2 weeks or so apart. Cassie and Annika are 2 yrs apart and Racheal and Aleah are about a year apart. It works out perfectly. We have fun playing games and watching movies. This time we planned a bunch of fun things for them to do. Here is a hightlight of the week we had.
We took everyone to the veterans pool in Provo. They have water slides and a nice kids area to play in. Lizzie, Lexi, Anni, Jeff, and Katie were doing spins off the side.

Aleah was playing in the kids pool while Racheal was on the water slide with her dad.

Katie having fun!

Jason coming off the slide with Rachel, she loved it!

This was after bowling at BYU. I had the kids stand in order from oldest to youngest.
Jeff, Liz, Katie, Lexi, Anni, Cassie, Leah, Rachel and Addi.

Not sure what this face is????

Melissa getting ready to strike!

Jef showed us some sweet moves. Incidentaly he won the game with a high score of 123 not bad for a kid who has never bowled before. I was secong with 118 and (My) Jason and Melissa tied for 3rd with 115.
It was fun and the kids were very tired!

This was a contest to see who could stay seated the longest. They all won ice cream from coldstone.

We had a birthday party for Racheal. She turned 5

They said if I made a cake they would come and so I jumped all over that deal!

We love u Ellicos!!!!