Tuesday, June 16, 2009

GoodBye MarshMellow!

I only have a couple of pictures of marshmallow on this computer and they all have Addi in them, which I think is appropriate since he was always on his bed or being held by him.
Mellow was MIA for a couple of days. It wasn't until Friday that I noticed he was not around. This is not unusual for him since he likes to explore the neighborhood. He finally came home Friday but was limping and really tired. The girls were taking care of him really well but when I went downstairs to see him I knew that something wasn't right. He couldn't use his leg at all and basically dragged himself around. He had been hit by a car and it took him that long ot get home to us.
Long story short, we took him to the vet and was told his Hip/leg was broken and it would be at least $800 to get him fixed. He would need surgery. That was just not feasible for us and so we made the decision to put him down. It was really sad and the girls and Addi cried for him. We had a funeral for him and all the kids said some things that they remembered about him best. We loved that silly fluffy cat and will miss him. Goodbye Marshmallow!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ok so we have started re-doing our bedroom. These pictures are in backwards order, sorry! Go down and scroll back up.

We redid the floors. Jason took out the boards and I ran them through the plainer to get all the yucky glue and stuff off from the tiles that were on them. We also ripped out the carpet and tossed it. I think it looks loads better already!

Another shot of the pretty wood floors!

We used to have some shelves and a closet in this area and we took all that out to. It made the room so much bigger. I love how much space there was. You can see the carpet is still in we had to scrape this popcorn stuff off the ceiling and let it fall on the carpet the rolled it up and took it out.

Just another shot of the room. This will eventually be the entrance to the master bath, but for now we are going to paint it and make it a closet.

This is what it looked like before we started. Its such an improvement now without having the walls even done. We have a guy coming on Tues to plaster and texture them. Its gonna look so great!

We are spoiled, everyday we get our own marching band parade! They came last year to. They practice in the mornings and come right in front of our house. Addi calls it "My Fa-raid, it's here!"

Sorry This is sideways, couldn't get it to turn. Uncle Shawn came for a visit! The girls loved it and can't wait for him to come see us again. This is Jason's oldest brother and he lives in WA.

Marshmellow was sound asleep in Addi's bed and so he picked him up and said "mom this is my baby, shhh he's sleeping".

This was his outfit for part of the day. I thought it was really funny!

We were making A LOT of noise during the demolition of the bedroom and Addi for some reason hates loud noises. Jason gave him the earmuffs to wear. He wore them off and on that day even when their wasn't any loud noises.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thirteen and seven!!

We had some birthdays this week. Lizzie turned 13 and Aleah turned 7. They each chose what they wanted to do. Liz had a slumber party with some friends and Had them bring their favorite scary movie. They had a lot of fun scaring themselves! Her cake was a butterfinger, it was yummy.

For Aleahs birthday we went and saw "UP". It was so good! The colors in the movie were brilliant. So good and kinda sad. We came home and had cupcakes and ice cream. It was a lot after eating popcorn and candy at the movies.

Here are some shots of those fun days. More pics to come.. we started to remodel our bedroom and we are making a mess!

Aleah got some Petshops which we all just love!

Addi loves pictures too!

Just the kids

Of course we had lizzie run the gauntlet!

Lunden, Lizzie, Emily and Dev

Butterfinger yum!

Told them to act scared...I didn't know that Addi was hanging out and being one of the girls.. They watched the original "house on haunted Hill" in black and white no less and "signs" one of my favorite movies and director M. night Shamalan. They were scared and wouldn't let us close the door or turn off the hallway light.