Tuesday, June 16, 2009

GoodBye MarshMellow!

I only have a couple of pictures of marshmallow on this computer and they all have Addi in them, which I think is appropriate since he was always on his bed or being held by him.
Mellow was MIA for a couple of days. It wasn't until Friday that I noticed he was not around. This is not unusual for him since he likes to explore the neighborhood. He finally came home Friday but was limping and really tired. The girls were taking care of him really well but when I went downstairs to see him I knew that something wasn't right. He couldn't use his leg at all and basically dragged himself around. He had been hit by a car and it took him that long ot get home to us.
Long story short, we took him to the vet and was told his Hip/leg was broken and it would be at least $800 to get him fixed. He would need surgery. That was just not feasible for us and so we made the decision to put him down. It was really sad and the girls and Addi cried for him. We had a funeral for him and all the kids said some things that they remembered about him best. We loved that silly fluffy cat and will miss him. Goodbye Marshmallow!


shaina said...

Oh, that's so sad. What a devoted cat, to come home after that. I'm sorry!

Shavonne said...

Oh, I"m sorry Kim! Like Shaina, its touching that he dragged himself home to you guys. :(

Sharon said...

oh, poor kitty! he was like guard dog he was so huge, even though he made me sneeze and itch, i loved him too. we'll miss you marshmellow!

Me and My Girls said...

Goodbye Marshmellow. I always loved hearing Adi talk about him. I am so sorry. He was a good cat to come home and say goodbye to you.