Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Addi has a new weapon?

So Addi came up this morning with this new style weapon that he made out of his snugly, tea party plates and his church belt.

 He has 11 plates called "cutters" (his words) that he can throw. They can slice things, cut metal, and stop things that are coming at you. They can also catch what gets thrown at you and turn it into a fire ball that you can throw back at your "bad guy".

I love it when kids let their imagination run wild!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Today is the..................

Fourth of July!
I gave Addi these to take into the house and this is where I found him.

The kids are all very excited to set these off tonight, we have Na's kids here too and so we are gonna have a BLAST!

Temple Square!

I didn't get a lot of pictures while the Ellico's were here, but I did get some while we were at temple square. Here is a highlight of our trip, we will have to go back next year because we didn't get to all of what we wanted. Until next year! We love the Ellicos!

 Back to front: Jeff (15 1/2) Lizzie (15) Katie (13 1/2) Lexi (13) Addi (5 1/2) Rachel (7 and 355 days) Aleah (9) and Cassie who is (10).

                                                                 Fabulous Ellico family

                                                                              Our Family

 These pics are on top of the Joseph Smith building, we watched the movie there about the life of the prophet and it was impossible to deny the truth of what he did, amazing!

Yay for good friends!