Thursday, July 17, 2008

You did sisters!!!

So I just finished cutting Lizzie's hair and went into the bathroom and found this had happened..

He is still holding the sissors... see the hair on the ground?

Nice bald patch on the top there..

Out of all the kids he is the only one who has done this. Its a good thing he is a boy and it doesnt matter how short his hair is. Now I will have to give him a buzz cut... So much for curly brown locks!!! (on a side note.. I was laughing behind my hand, it was funny)


shaina said...

Yes. good thing he is a boy. That kind of cut is hard to disguise on a girl's head.
He'll look like a little Jason with no hair when you buzz him!
by the way...I've mentioned that he looks so big now, right?

sharon c... that's me said...

well if he wasnt so cute.... oh man

kdaygirl said...

he is gettting big huh! He wants to eat a bowl of cereal every night before bedtime. I think he is having a growth spurt for sure.. Sharon I agree if he wasnt so dang cute he would have been in so much trouble. As it was I cant punish him for Lizzie leaving the sissors down and him copying me. Oh well, his hair grows fast..

Queen of Chaos said...

Oh, no!

Shavonne said...

Awe, so long soft locks of hair! I would be terrible, laughing at all the things my kids did!