Monday, June 28, 2010

What are the Nunnelly's doing?

So this week we have the pleasure of watching my sister Shaina's aka my BFF's kids while they are taking care of their sweet baby Kimble (my Nephew). For Kimbles story and to participate in her blanket drive, please visit her blog .

Here are some things we have done since Friday....lots more fun things planned this week! Movies, swimming, ice cream in the park, pulling weeds, mini pizzas and more!!!

We had a game night on Sunday and we had 19 kids here! We were only missing 9 of the grand kids...amazing huh?
They are pretending to be asleep? It didn't really work..hahaha!

Playing dodge ball on the tramp. If you got out you would rotate and someone else would get to come in.

Another goofy picture...gotta have one of those!

Eating Uncle Jason's Nachos for dinner...we had lots of seconds and thirds!

Georgie playing on the computer. There is a barbie website where you can dress her up in a ton of different outfits...its a favorite of my girls.

We have 2 kitties and this is Rascal, she loves to be held....but not by Georgie. She has been trying and trying to hold the kitties, but she runs after them and then they run away and so now when they see her coming they run even faster. I will post more on this later...its really quite funny.

When Georgie got here she found the dress up stuff and had some fun playing with Addi.

Aleah and Keaton climbing our Harry Potter tree outside.

We are old school with our video game system, we have a Nintendo 64 but we have lots of cool games for it. This is what the boys love to do.

More barbie game fun.


Sharon said...

fun! i can't believe you're only missing 9 grandkids?!

shaina said...

They love it there with all the cousins!! Thank you so much for taking such good care of them.

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

Wow, so many kids I did not think that there were 19 kids geez what a big family we have. I want that barbie website. Im gonna text u...Looks like they are all have fun, you are such a good aunt and mom. Love you.