Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Nunnelly Fun!

Today is Tuesday and we are gonna have some fun, its free movie day at the theater!
Here is some pics of what we did yesterday!
Georgie asked me if I would do her hair pretty. I put it into a side pony tail with a flower for flair. She loved it. I don't know if Shaina rocked the side pony as well as Georgie......

Remember the cats? Well George sure does and I found her by the cat food. She would pull the bowl closer and closer to her each time the cat would go for it. I finally had to tell her to let Rascal eat and then when she is done you can hold her.

She is waiting so patiently.

Kids played on the tramp again, this time with the sprinkler going. I asked them to do a trick for me, below is what they did.

This is Keaton's cannonball.....that's what he called it.

Nice tuck Keaton! I gave it a 7.5

This was Georgie's signature move, the jump and spin.

We had mini pizzas for dinner, my kids love these. Kolby was my assistant (like that Shaina?) for dinner and he did a great job saucing up the muffins.

The kids had 3 each and were stuffed.

I took the older kids to the farm with me to pull weeds for family home evening. It was SUPER hot and I told the kids if they did a good job they could get and ice cream cone. If they did a really, really good job they could get a Kong Cone, pictured above. They all did awesome!
Later as Kami was talking to her parents I heard her say she pulled out a Decade of weeds and that Aunt Kim's shirt was all sweaty. In my defense it was really hot.

Keaton did great and he was quick to tell me that he was almost a man. This is because real men sweat and you can tell that your almost a man when you start to sweat and he had sweat on his head. He was totally exhausted after picking weeds and so he really deserved his ice cream!

We got some weird stares while we were at the store, of course we were covered in dirt and sweat and so I imagined we smelled bad to. Oh well the ice cream was great!

The younger kids stayed at the house with Jason and jumped on the tramp some more. They also had pudding cups and banana bread for a treat.

George doing her signature move again.

It was a nice end to a long hot day!


Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

I love that keaton says he is a man cuz he sweats. Those ice-creams were ginormous!!! I would love to see a picture of the farm when you get one...Glad the nunns are having fun.

shaina said...

That's so great. I don't think I could finish a kong cone. My goodness.

I heard Kamy say she pulled a decade of weeds, and was trying to figure out if I heard her wrong.

Keaton...I love how he articulates his thoughts. He is so cool. I can't believe my boy has turned into a man. :)

Kolby shines when he is complimented. I'm glad he can make such a good assistant for you. Since I'm not there, I'm ok with that.

Side ponies and cat stalking. Sounds like Georgie is having the time of her life.f

Nancy said...

Holy cow those cones were huge! I wish I could have one, but I dont think I could have worked hard enough! I love the Cat picture lol