Friday, July 2, 2010

I learned to Swim today!

The kids could hardly stand here for this picture, they wanted to swim so bad. I like Anni in this picture, she looks like she is getting ready to walk down a runway or something and see the wind blowing her hair back. I think its funny.
It was a HOT day but also cold cause the wind was blowing. If you got out of the pool you were cold, but if you stayed in it was just right.

George was ready to swim! Although I had her change her suit cause the top on the other one protected her arms and shoulders and that is what we like.

In this pic Keaton is telling me that he taught himself to swim and I was to watch what he did.

This is what he did, I tried to get him to not hold his nose but he said he was still learning. I told him good job and he would be a pro in no time!

Eating fruit snacks, cheezits and drinking ice cold juice boxes. They do a pool check every hour and so we would lay on the cement to get warm and dry off a little before they let us go back in.

Kami at first didn't want to go on the slide, but after about an hour she decided she was gonna go for it.

You really don't go very fast unless your name is KIM.. I cant seem to slow myself down enough and I always hit the water doing 60!

Lexi went with her.

Cousins having fun! Emma got to come with us while her mom was having a baby, yea Aunt Autumn!

Can you see Keaton?

He went down the slide like 10 times.

We had fun! I wish we could go again tomorrow, but its supposed to be only in the 80's. It will also be super crowded cause of the fourth of July holiday, so we are gonna go have a picnic in the park!


shaina said...

That's funny. She does look like a model on a runway. What LONG legs she has!

Pool day!! My kids were looking forward to it so much! Thanks for taking them!

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

I am glad that it finally got warm so that you could go. Anni does look like shes about to walk the runway, she could to I bet.
Yay for picnics tomorrow I hope you all have fun, and enjoy the last day the Nunns will be there.

Nancy said...

Oh man that pool is so great! I went swimming on Friday in a giant puddle. It was a "lake" but only came up to your shins all the way across. Totally a puddle to me. I'd rather be at the pool anyday!

courtney said...

I think it is funny that you couldn't go swimming cause it would be too cold at 80 degrees!