Thursday, July 15, 2010

More randon pics from July

Here are just a few more pictures that I have from the Nunnellys visit and the Fourth of July. We got this trampoline at the beginning of summer and boy have we ever gotten our moneys worth! Even my neighbor said so and the Stake president commented on it (more on that later). We are so happy to have a trampoline, I have always wanted one!

The kids are all taking turns at Trampoline dodge ball, 4 on at a time and when one gets hit with the ball they get off and another from line gets on. We had some bad throws by the dads, kids were getting hit Above the waist..not good!

Georgie is telling her dad how to throw the ball.

Uncle Warren throws pretty hard!

We lost the ball in the street a couple of times and the kids were relaxing and taken unaware when the dads would throw it super fast.

After baths and and Jammie's we got to go outside at light our fireworks. In Utah you can light 3 days before and 3 days after, the kids have a lot of fun watching and lighting those.

Georgie would get sooooooo excited that she would hug you and just about pop your head off!

All the kids were scared to light the fireworks, that's good because it shows that they don't play with fire that often.

The colors were super cool!

Notice that Kamy is covering her ears? She didn't really like the loud ones. We had tons of fun with all the kids, we hope that the Nunnellys can come again, only this time with the whole family and under less stressful circumstances. We are all so happy that our little Nephew is doing well. We love you Kimble!

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shaina said...

Thanks for being so willing to have the kiddos. You are a fabulous Aunt, sister, and bff!!

love ya!