Thursday, January 12, 2012

November part 1

Mr. Addason J. Lanegan turned six!
I never knew a kid so happy to be six, I think it was because it meant he could go to school. He had a chocolate cake and lots of cool stuff!

 He always loves Spider man!

This is a just a funny picture of Lizzie. We went to an art show that was called "Gathering Friends For Heaven" and you were supposed to take Lisa as seen below and take a picture with her and print it and hang it on the wall at her show. I really liked the idea for the show, I thought it was very clever. Anyways this is what Lizzie did with Lisa.


We visited the Grand Canyon over Thanksgiving break. Our Exchange student Hanna has never been there and so since we were only 45 minutes away we knew we just had to stop there.

 Hanna is not very fond of high places (neither and I) and so it was a challenge to get her to stand near the edge to get a good shot.

 Lizzie was cool with it though.

 All the kiddos ( It wasn't super cold there until the sun went behind a cloud and then we were freezing)
 Here I am working my double chin!

 A nice stranger offered to take a family shot for us, in turns out that they host exchange students all the time and they were from Utah as well.

 It took some convincing but Hanna and I climbed out on this ledge to get a picture. Heights are not my thing, we all saw Superman save that kid and Niagara Falls, but that just wouldn't happen here!

 By the end of the day, we were all just tuckered out!

 We tried to sneak off the bus without waking Lizzie up but she caught us in the middle of it.... it was funny!

 Anni using her scarf as a pillow

There is a place along the way to the Grand Canyon called "Bedrock" it has a bunch of Flinstone stuff there. Here are the kids posing on the Flintstones car.

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shaina said...

great pictures! Glad you are safe and that superman didn't have to rescue you.