Monday, September 6, 2010

Creative happenings, but not mine...

These don't make any sense so read below first and then come back and look at this....

As most of you know I married to a very talented artist, for those who don't you are missing out! He has come up with some pretty cool stuff lately and I thought that I might share what he has made with the rest of the family!

This is something he did for work, they are going make 2 more of these "Smart Space Gallery's" for students at BYU to display art work. This stands outside the art dept in the HVAC. Its really neat and looks really cool! Right now the artist is showing her work in it and more will in the future. If he can get it to grow he might add some to BYUI and BYU Hawaii!

To bad this piece is sideways, its really a simple piece and apparently if you understand art you would get this piece, I kinda do but not really.

This is another coke bottle piece and it looks really cool next to the other coke pieces he has done.

He has done a lot of neon type pieces, this one is called Sundowner Lodge.

The inside

This one is really so cool, he did this after the Grand canyon trip with the BYU kids and when he took Lexi and Anni.

Close up.

Jason had a bunch of kids from the trip write their thoughts on the back, including the girls.

He is making a bunch of pieces now because he has a show summer 2011 at a gallery in SLC. I will post more of those as he finishes them.


shaina said...

I like the Grand Canyon collage. Very cool.

Shavonne said...

that's really cool! I like them all, but really like the piggy bank one. Jason is awesome!