Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hiking the Grotto with dad

I had to work last Saturday during the day (not normal) and so the kids got to go hiking with their dad! He takes them places like this all the time. Jason's dad liked to do stuff like this too!
This particular place is called "The Grotto" you hike for a little bit and their is a waterfall at the end. Its not huge but pretty nonetheless. Here are some highlights!

 I like how Addi has his head almost falling off in this pic and Aleah looks a little like an owl with her eyes so WIDE open.

                                                           The waterfall at the end of the trail

                                              I don't like seeing the kids so close to edges....yikes!

 Jason was trying to have all the kids run off this log and jump so he could get their picture, it only worked with Addi and he jumped super high!

 As they were driving there was this random snow bank that they stopped to play on, it was slippery and muddy on the edge but they had fun sliding down it.

                                         This shot show you how much snow there really was.

Just a silly shot to finish out a super fun day with dad!


shaina said...

I think hikes with family are among the best times remembered.

wienerhoneymooners said...

Cool. This makes me wish you guys had more time when you are up here. There is a Glacier caves about 45min from our place, and once youget there just a beautiful 20 min walk there. It also has some waterfalls tumbling down a montrously high bank of rock. Maybe I can hijack Jason and take him, I know he has work though..