Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sweatin to the Oldies!

So the girls had a Young Women's activity where they were supposed to dress up in their favorite 80's workout wear and come and have a sweating to the oldies party. I had to work and so told the hubby to grab a few snapshots of the kids before they left, he really had them ham it up!

 FYI: these purple shorts are funny!

 This is the girls at the leaders house, they are doing the buns of steal video.

At the church for opening exercises (ha get it?) After the "workout" they had soda and cookies and chips or something along those lines. They had fun and I think they looked great doing it!


shaina said...

Ooh, that's lots of fun, and great pictures for blackmail later!

Shavonne said...

Oh man, those are some awesome pictures! Jason did a great job in their poses, SO 80's! that sounds like a really fun activity!

wienerhoneymooners said...

Hysterical, love the Rainbow Leg warmers!!!

courtney said...

Sometimes...when you are a "wo" man, you have to wear stretchy pants!(hispanic accent required when reading this!)