Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rascal Update

We took Rascal to the vet and she got an exam and was also given some antibiotics. She has something called Sodium Ion Toxicity. This happens to animals when they have gone with out water for a long period of time, and when they do get water again it causes their brain to swell. Right now she has almost no motor function. She acts dizzy and blind. We are praying that her swelling goes down and that she will make a full recovery. We know she is strong, the vet says all we can do is wait and see. Please help us pray for our dear Rascal!

Even Georgie loved Rascal!


shaina said...

stalked Rascal, you mean.

Hope she gets better quickly!

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

Poor thing. I hope that Rascal gets better.

homefront said...

I feel like I am right there watching and praying for her return to health with you.