Sunday, September 26, 2010

A faith building Experience...

So there are those out there that know our family LOVES cats (with the exception of Jason; he tolerates them). Our tiger cat Rascal went missing around September 2nd.
I called Jason who was camping with James at this time and asked him if he had seen Rascal, he said he saw her Wed night and he left Thursday morning of the 2nd.
I call the kitties in at night and Rascal never came in, which is not unusual if its a warm night, they like to stay out and catch grasshoppers or whatever. So all weekend the kids and I looked for her, we checked garages and asked our neighbors if they had seen her and no one had.

So we decided to say a prayer that night, and each night and day that went by the kids would say a prayer and ask that if someone took her that they would love her as much as we did or if she was lost and couldn't find her way home that she would be able to. We prayed that she was safe and not hurt.

We did this for 3 weeks, we went to the pound to see if anyone had turned her in as a stray and she wasn't there. We were resigned to the fact that she was gone, or I should say I was, but the kids kept praying for her.

Saturday September 25th I was at the Relief Society broadcast and Jason called me and told me that I needed to come home right away because they found Rascal. My heart dropped, I love our cats and knowing that they found her I knew she was gone.

When I got home Jason told me the story. Our neighbor kids (who love our kitties to) scared Pearl, one of our other cats, when they were closing a car door and she ran off. They decided to follow her to make sure she was ok. She ran into the back yard of an abandoned house 2 down from ours. The backyard is HUGE, and dirty. They could hear Rascal crying and they ran and told the girls, who then ran and told Jason. These are the photos of where she was found.

Can you see the arrow I drew in? This is at the back of the property, its an old swap cooler.

This is the inside of the cooler. It has a wheel that turns round and round.

Can you see in-between these slats? That's where she was for 3 weeks. When she would try and get out the wheel would turn and so it acted like a big exercise wheel. She was a pretty hefty cat when she got lost and so because of her size she wedged herself in really good.

She was filthy and so very skinny. I cried and cried thinking of how much she had gone through. That was my one thought that if she was gone, I had hoped that she didn't suffer from whatever happened to her.

Our cat lived just over 3 weeks with no food or water, I know that she should not be alive right now. We cleaned her up and gave her some food, water and a lot of love. She is still skinny but is walking around and acting like nothing happened.

I know that the faith of my children kept her alive. They knew that Heavenly Father would take care of her. The kids came up to Jason and told him that they know they Heavenly Father hears and answers ours prayers, "We know he heard us dad, because he gave us Rascal back".


shaina said...

Heartbroken. That is so sad. I'm so glad he was found, and that the kids showed such faith.

Shavonne said...

Holy Cow, he was stuck in that for 3 weeks!! Poor Rascal! Sooo glad he was found and is doing ok. I bet he is so glad to be back home again!

wienerhoneymooners said...

Wow, inspiring childrens faith story. It brought tears to my eyes!

Nancy said...

I started crying just reading about it! And I'm in the school...embarrassing. Poor Rascal!