Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Fun!

Addi looked so cute I couldnt resist adding this picture. Its out of order but I dont care!
Ok so I know that Halloween is an awesome holiday but this is a little to much... The Easter Bunny later told me that she couldnt find our Easter Baskets, so this is what she used. The kids loved it. ( I didnt realize that when we moved from AZ that a certain someone got rid of our baskets). I think its funny! Easter Bunny came while we were at church, which was much nicer than before. Our kids were not so worried about candy and eggs. All the cousins making silly faces for the picture.

Tried to get some family pics but the sun was just so bright.

More fun pics of the kids

It was a beautiful Easter day

Corks and Jared before their trip to Cali!!

Jared Dove right in to his eater basket!


shaina said...

That's what happens when the Easter Bunny gets a little too frisky with Jack-O-Lantern!
Nice pictures. Glad ya'll had a nice time together.

sharon c... that's me said...

oh, it looks like you all had fun!

Rebekah said...

leah when she smile reminds me of Kristen when she smiles with the big close your eyes and show all of your teeth smile. I think that is great what you used for baskets, we just used bowls from the kitchen :)

Shavonne said...

Kim, it was nice to see pictures of your's and the Heath family's Easter, and all the kiddos. I love how excited they are. We went to Newport and had EAster there and the EAster bunny brought it in one big communal basket (I strongly suspect it was Oreo's the day before...) Fun stuff!