Thursday, May 13, 2010

Its been FOREVER I know!

Sorry all you fans out there! Its been a long time, I know! Here are some highlights from the past few months. We have been super busy and are getting more and more excited for school to be out in a few weeks. We have a busy summer ahead of us! We are excited to see all of our family in a few weeks and hope to share some fun memories! Enjoy these memories of ours!

This was one of our rare sunny days the last month and Aleah just had to go outside, even though it was still cold out.

No matter what I tried I couldn't get this picture to show right side up....grrrr! Anyways this is a piece that Jay finished and I love it! BOBS BIG BOY ROCKS!

The same with this picture? Weird. Anyways just Lexi with Pearl and Raskel. They have gotten super big since Christmas. We love our Kitties!

Easter morning. It was nice to wake up and have a relaxing morning listening to conference and enjoying our family.

Just the kids.

It was Annika's turn for the annual Wax museum project at the school. She was Mary Cassatt a famous (American) impressionist painter. She is actually the only female impressionist painter that is American. (this was a Jason pick, and it was a good one since we had all the props!)

Another sideways shot, sorry!

The kids love to play with chalk in the road. This picture says...Lizzie,Lexi, Anni, Leah and Addi Rock the world! I like this pic of Addi with his shadow and head turn.

Kids were building Lego and building block villages, they made some pretty cool ones!

Thanks for sharing these with us!


shaina said...

I didn't know Lex got her hair cut!! Love the easter picture. Thanks for updating your blog. Your number 1 "fan" thanks you!

The Brown's Sanitarium said...

what you lack in quantity you totally make up for in quality. great posts Kim!