Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lexi's 6th grade graduation

I have never attended a 6th grade graduation before, but we went to Alexia's this last week. Our middle school here is 7-9 and so I wonder if there will be a 9th grade graduation? Well we had fun, they had a slide show of trips they went on throughout the school year and then one at then end where they showed a baby picture and then their class picture after. I think Lexi was the cutest!
In this picture she just got her diploma and is telling us what her favorite things were about 6th grade.

They have a cute bench right as you walk in the school where I was able to get his family shot. We had alot of people staring at us because you have to walk past it to get outside. However there was no one around when we decided to get a quick shot.

What a hottie!

Lexi with a couple of her bestest friends.

Alexia and Mr Murray her teacher.
Now I have two kids in the Jr high! One in 7th and one in 9th.....yikes!


shaina said...

I like her red dress. Moving on to jr high is a big deal! Congrats Lex!

Shavonne said...

Nice! Lexi looks great! I also love the family picture on the bench, and how Jason is looking to the side ;)

courtney said...

Totally awesome! Lexie is so cool!

homefront said...

How very lovely Lexi looks and such a perfectly beautiful dress for such a lovely young lady. I remember 6 grade well. It was the threshold to growing up.

She is a wonderful example of how a demure modest YW should dress! I am so proud of her and her MOM.

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

I love that she is in jr. high now. that is so crazy that they are already that old. Man time goes by fast.