Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Best Meal Ever!!!

I love breakfast! Its the best meal of the day and if it were up to me that is all we would eat. I love to make breakfast for dinner. For memorial day we took the girls to the "Silver Bell". If your a Weber u know what resteraunt this is. For all of u who dont know its Golden Coral.

Our good friends the Kembles went to. It was fun.

Here is Aleah and Kaite the two trouble makers. When they get together "watch out"!


Shavonne said...

I guess I'm not a true Weber. I didn't know what a "Silver Bell" was. I plead that I was young when we went there!

Queen of Chaos said...

Sorry- never heard of 'Silver Bell' and my laswt nae is Weber. But ah- Golden Corral- yes that's where these Webers like to eat! They finally put a GC here in Phoenix about a year ago. Nice!

We love breakfast foods here, too. And we often make it for dinner, as well. It's just good stuff!!

{Hi, Jo!}

kdaygirl said...

eterThere is a bell in Golden Coral that is silver and they ring it whenever they put out hot rolls. So the name stuck. Dad dubbed it this when we ate there. Nan would totally know this.

shaina said...

love breakfast buffets!

Nanna said...

oh ya I totally know what your talking about sista.