Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Birthday girls....

Alizebeth is 12!!!!!!
So Lizzie turned 12 this last weekend and so we had a party on Sunday. We ussally get together with friends for games and dinner and so we threw in cake and ice cream too.
Aleah also had a birthday and so we did both parties together. Here are some highlights from the party.

Lizzie wanted butterfinger cake. We all love it and so of course it was a great pick!

Addi helped Liz blow out her candles

Aleah wanted cupcakes

Addi helped her too. We had to do it again cause he blew it out before she could. She was not happy. U can still see the smoke from the candle!

Liz posing with her lillipop

Money from Grandma Weber

We have this thing that we do when u have a birthday, its called the Gautlet. Everyone gets a chance to spank u for your birthday. Its all in good fun and no one does it hard!

Kara getting a good one at the start!


shaina said...

Wow. You even use the paddle!! I've never seen that. It's quite a line that she had to crawl through.
Happy birthday girls!

kdaygirl said...

I have enough that most can use one. Thanks mom for the apple one I love it!!!!

Shavonne said...

That was a great post! I loved hearing about it, it was almost as good as being there! I really laughed that Addi was there with both candles, blowing them out. And I love the "gauntlet" That would be fun to do with our kids...someday :)

sharon c... that's me said...

oh, your baby is all grown up... almost:)

jenn said...

my gosh kim, when did we get old enough to have 12 yr olds!!!

love the gauntlet idea. very clever and quite envious that we did not think of that. we do so love to look for reasons to beat our children. ;)

love you hair. at least your stuck around. with each pregs i lost hair. it is so thin now i worry that by the time they are in drivers ed i will be bald!