Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More first days of school

So we had 4 more kids start school this year. Lexi (13 1/2) started 8th grade and Annika (12) started 7th grade. I am so glad that these two are close enough that they see each other at school and at some point may even have a few classes together.
My girls look so big to me in these pics and its hard to believe that I have that many teenagers in my house.

                                                                       Gotta do a silly

                                                                          and another

 Aleah (9) started school the same day as Lexi and Anni. She left half an hour after they did, and boy she is ready for fourth grade!

 This silly one of Leah makes my eyes hurt!

 Mr Addason (5) started school a whole week later and boy is that a long time to make a new Kindergarten kid wait for school after all his sisters went. He was super excited and wore his new spider man shoes that light up when walks. He also has a super cool spider man backpack.

 First day in front of his classroom door

 They had us do a few activities with our kids so they were comfortable when it was time for us to go. He colored a fish and cut it out, he found out how many times his name was in the room, we measured his height and weight and how big his hands and feet were.

 He got a name tag and found his desk and had to sit and draw a picture of himself. At this point we were supposed to give our kids a hug and kiss and tell them we will see them later.

 This was his look as I walked away and blew him a kiss, he wasn't to happy he had to sit across from a girl.

This is what happened after he got home and was supposed to be working on his homework. Being a kindergartner is hard work!


shaina said...

I kept waiting for Georgie to zonk out after school, but instead, she turned into a whiny little girl who got sent to bed early. Your kids are all so old! When did that happen?

courtney said... with teenagers, fun and hard! Horray for addi!

Bek Bek Bek Bekah said...

Wow it is weird that you have teenagers, thank goodness though because I am sure I will be calling you for advice when my girls get to be that age. Yay for Addi and his first day of school. Life is tough as a kindergartner. Have a great school year!