Monday, September 12, 2011

German Deli? Better Luck Next Time..........:{

So Monday (Memorial Day) we thought it would be fun to take Hanna on a  trip to Salt Lake City and tour a little of Temple Square. I also looked around for a German Grocery store that we could go to so that she could get a little piece of home. I found one in Salt Lake and cool enough it was right around the corner from the South Temple visitors center. It was a German Deli/Grocery store......what luck!
So we set out Saturday morning a little late, but we made it and here are some of the sights that we got to see.

The North visitors center has the Christus in it and it is always amazing to go see it.

 Tried to do an artsy picture of Hanna with the temple in the background.

Addi wanted a picture with Hanna 

 We went to the top of the Joseph Smith building before we took Hanna to see the Joseph Smith movie in the legacy theater about the life of our beloved prophet, if you haven't seen this yet it is AMAZING and you really should order it or get a copy from the distribution center. Anyways Hanna is scared of heights but she got close enough for a picture.

 Got to get a picture on the "wedding" platform. (Anni, Leah and Jason were with us, however Jason wanted to look up some family history stuff and so he did that while we were here)

 Hanna Banana!

 Lizzie Loo Loo!

 They also had the fountain going and it was so pretty, it was a great day to walk around too, nice and cool.

 Addi kept asking me to carry him and so this was how I was packing him around most of the time, any chance to keep him my baby I will take it!

However Lizzie got a little jealous and wanted to be carried around too! She is defiantly not my "little" girl anymore, she is growing into a beautiful young women.

On a sad note, we had a great time at temple square and it was really quiet and not busy at all. This also meant that the Deli/grocery store was closed for the holiday and so we didn't get to try and yummy German foods. Its OK because now we have something to look forward to next Saturday! Hanna was bummed but we will go back and try again for sure!


shaina said...

Sounds like a perfect day for Temple Square. Sorry about the deli, but at least you know it's there for next time! I love the picture of you holding Liz!

courtney said...

Just an FYI, it was Labor Day here in Idaho but maybe Utah is different...:)

I laughed at the one with you and liz too. Temple square is beautiful and I haven't seen the Joseph Smith Movie and I really want to.

I am excited to hear what kind of interesting German foods you guys try out.

wienerhoneymooners said...

I am glad Hanna got to go see these neat things with the awesome Lanegans!